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Second fixing is a crucial phase in renovation projects. It involves the completion of the installations after the initial structural work, known as the first fix plumbing, is done. The first fix includes the installation of fixtures, fittings, and appliances that make the house functional and comfortable.

Make everything look nice; this is normally done by a second fix step.

  1. In a newly built house, the first fix and second fixes are crucial, where a local plumber and electrician work collaboratively to install essential systems.
  2. The plumber plays a pivotal role in the first fix plumbing, and laying out the basic plumbing framework, while in the second part, they ensure everything is properly connected.
  3. During the second stage, an electrician meticulously connects wires and installs fixtures to bring the house’s electrical to life.
  4. Throughout the construction of a new house, the synergy between the plumber and electrician ensures that the installation is expertly executed and connected.
  5. After the plumber completes the first fix, the electrician follows with their first fix plumbing, setting the stages for the subsequent second fix work to finalise the house’s functionality.

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So first, what is the difference?

Well, it looks very much the same. The first fix for plumbing occurs when you begin working and involves connecting to and installing pipes for a strong base.

In contrast, second-fix plumbing refers to connecting plumbing outlets and adding finishes to piping.

These words describe the different phases of an existing construction project, allowing developers and trades to keep track of the completion of each phase.

Distinguishing Between First Fix Plumbing and Second Fix

In the first fix phase, plumbers focus on the core plumbing framework (installing all the pipework).

This includes fitting pipes for the water supply, waste pipe (drainage system), central heating system and underfloor heating.

Also, the plumber checks the cold water mains pressure. The work is done before the walls are sealed and the full structure of the house is erected.

The objective is to ensure all necessary pipework is in place without yet making connections to install the final plumbing components.

our plumber completes installing all the pipeworks

Adding the Finishing Touches

This work commences once the new build structure is up and the first-fix installations are complete.

What is 2nd fix plumbing phase involves:

Fitting appliances like boilers, and water heaters.

Fitting showers, toilets, shower valves, bath taps.

Connecting all the bathroom pipes and waste pipes to the ground drainage systems.

Ensuring electrical fixtures related to plumbing, and electrical installation like combi boiler controls, are properly set up

We are testing the installation for functionality and safety.

our plumbers are completing the new project

The Importance of Second-Fix Plumbing in Building Projects

This stage is vital for transforming a construction site into a livable space.

Fitting essential fixtures and appliances ensures the house is not just structurally sound but also functionally complete.

our second fix plumber are working on a new build site

Risk Management

Our professional plumbers meticulously plan the first and second fix stages with detailed diagrams and thorough checks.

This minimises the risks associated with improperly placed pipes or electrical connections, which can lead to future problems like leaks on walls or electrical hazards.

Beyond the Basics

While the primary focus of the second fix is to connect appliances and add finishing touches to piping, it also involves careful attention to detail. 

our second fix plumber at MML Plumbing completes the first and second fix work
  1. Heating Systems: This includes connecting radiators (space heating), showers, supply pipes bathtubs and the hot water system. Ensuring that these systems are correctly integrated is vital for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.
  2. Bathroom Fixtures: fitting sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtub fixtures. 
  3. Kitchen: Connect kitchen appliances like taps, dishwashers, and water filtration systems and check the water pressure.
  4. Testing and Inspection: Rigorous testing of all installations is paramount. This includes checking for leaks, the drainage system operation, and ensuring that all appliances are functioning correctly. Thorough inspection helps identify and rectify any issues before the house is occupied.

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