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    acoustic leak detection in the main water

    How can we identify and repair pipe leaks?


    At MML Plumbing, we specialize in expert leak detection, handling any repair and maintenance needed after finding the leak. We use the latest leak detection tools, including moisture meters, acoustic leak detection machines, endoscope inspection cameras, hydrogen gas leak detection, thermal image cameras, and dye tests to pinpoint and successfully locate any leak in any property. our mission is to ensure the comfort and safety of your home by precisely detecting and efficiently repairing leaks.

    Detecting and Repairing Leaks in Your Supply Pipes

    Main water supply pipes are essential for delivering water to your home, but they can develop leaks due to various factors such as ageing, ground movement, or damage during construction. Identifying leaks in these pipes is crucial to prevent significant water loss and damage to your property.

    Using a Moisture Meter: A moisture meter can help detect damp patches and wet walls, which are visible signs of a leak. This tool measures the moisture level in walls and floors, pinpointing the affected area.

    Understanding Common Water Leaks

    What are water leaks and why do they happen?


    • A water leak can be a big problem if left undetected and untreated. It can cause structural damage, mould growth and expensive plumbing repairs.
    • Leaking pipes can cause water to seep from unexpected places, like walls and ceilings, and if ignored can cause major construction issues and costly repair.
    • Over the we attended many water leak detections and we have seen them all. In our experience, the majority of common leaks can happen because of poor workmanship or lack of maintenance.
    • Just in one commercial building over a few years, we found 275 leaks in the heating system and cold water feed pipes because of poor installation.

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    Common Causes of Water Leak in the Home


    Burst Pipe: Caused by freezing temperatures, high water pressure, or pipe deterioration.

    A burst pipe leak can happen because of a poor installation or increased pressure in the pipes than normal.

    Dripping Faucets and waste pipe: Typically result from worn-out washers, seals or damaged taps.

    The waste pipe can leak because one joint not sealing properly or causes of pipes expansion.

    Leaking Radiators: Faulty valves or corrosion can cause radiators to leak.

    A heating system pipe can slowly leak water underneath the floorboard because of installation damage.

    Aging Pipe: Over time, plastic pipes can develop cracks or weak spots, most leaks which can caused by a small scratch on the pipe when the plumber installed it.

    Leaking Fittings or Joints: Poor installation or wear and tear can cause leaks.

    Ground Movement: A main water supply pipe leak can caused by ground movement or damaged pipe.

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    Detecting Water Leaks and Leaking Pipes

    As experienced plumbers and water leak specialists in London, we can detect any water leaks in any property, but you can also help us do some basic checks.

    How to Check for Water Leaks in Your Home

    To detect leaks, take regular meter readings. Unexplained increases in your water bill can mean a leak somewhere in the water mains. Install a smart water leak detector to take meter readings and monitor your water usage which can alert you to potential issues.

    our leak detection specialists using sound leak detection by our

    5 Signs of water leakage


    1. Damp Odors: Indicate moisture in walls, especially above-grade walls.

    2. Mold and Mildew: The presence of mould signifies excessive moisture and potential leaks.

    3. Peeling Paint or Wallpaper: Indicates moisture behind the wall.

    4. Sagging Walls: Suggests significant water damage within the wall structure.

    5. Bubbles on Walls or Ceilings: Sign of water buildup behind the paint.

    Identifying Sources of Water Leaks

    7 Potential Sources of Water Leaks

    1. A Leaking Pipe: Includes both plastic and underground pipes.

    2. Supply Pipe Leaks: Often fix leaks occur due to pipe wear or damage.

    3. Toilet Leaks: Especially leaks from the bottom or the back of the toilet.

    4. Leaking Radiators: leak can caused by rust, faulty valves, joints or corrosion.

    5. Leaking Appliances: Dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances.

    6. Clogged Gutters and Poorly Graded Soil: Can lead to water buildup and leaks.

    7. Groundwater Seepage: Can cause significant leaks, in basements and lower floors.

    Finding a leak in the radiator using a thermal image camera

    Fixing water leaks till you wait for the plumber


    • Turn Off the Water Supply the main water valve.
    • Dry the Area Thoroughly so you can easily search for the leak.
    • Temporary can repair leaks or find a solution for the area by isolating that section of the system.
    • If the leak is fixed you can replace the damaged pipe section or fittings.
    endoscope leak detection through a toilet push button
    acoustic leak detection in a stopcock on the street

    How to Fix a Water Leak from the Bottom of the Toilet

    1. Isolate the stopcock and stop using the toilet to prevent water leaks.

    2. Clean up the water and sanitize the area.

    3. Check where the water is leaking. If you can buy a new pan connector and replace the pipes.

    4. If you can’t deal with the fixing call our local plumber and we can have a solution.

    How to Dry a Wall After a Leak

    Use a mop or wet-dry vacuum to remove excess water and open the windows.

    Use Dehumidifiers and Fans and place them near the wet wall to dry the area.

    Discard wet materials and dispose of wet insulation and drywall.

    Use a mixture of vinegar, water, and baking soda to clean the affected mouldy areas.

    Plumber fitting a TRV to a new radiator.

    When to Hire a Professional Plumber for Water Leak Repair


    If You Are Unsure How to Fix a Leak: our professional expertise ensures proper repair.

    Lack of Repair Tools: we have the necessary tools and equipment.

    Feeling Uncomfortable: Hire our professional plumber to avoid potential building structure mistakes.

    Our Plumbing Work

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    We use an acoustic water leak detection machine to pinpoint the leaking area in the pipes. We also use a moisture meter to detect damp locations and wet walls. These are often the first visible signs of a leaky pipe.

    These are common indicators of water leaks. Check for other signs like damp patches and wet walls, and consider using a moisture meter to pinpoint the source of the common water leak above.

    Temporary fixes like repair tape can provide a quick solution, but it’s best to fix the affected section altogether. If you’re unsure, hire our professional plumber to ensure the leak is fixed properly.

    Urgent leaks should be addressed immediately to prevent significant damage. Delaying repairs can lead to more severe issues further damage, and higher repair costs.

    Tools include a spanner, pipe cutter, soldering compound, solder, gas and spanner. For permanent repairs, you may need to fix the affected pipe section and should have appropriate plumbing tools on hand.

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