Landlord Gas Safety Certificates Near Me

Are you a busy landlord that needs Gas Safety Certificates for your portfolio of properties in London?


As you’re probably aware, landlords need to ensure a property is completely safe for habitation. That includes having a gas safety inspection every 12 months in order to prevent any risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Another reason for the Gas safety check is to clean the boiler, check if the whole heating system is working fine. If you carry out a gas safety check every year, your boiler will not lose the manufacturer warranty, and you are less likely to spend a fortune for boiler breakdowns.

Your boiler will have a longer life and you don’t have to change the boiler every 3-5 year because of the lack of the inspection.


When having a gas safety check, it’s essential the inspection is carried out by a qualified gas safe registered engineer who should check all the gas appliances.

If this isn’t done correctly it can put lives at risk since an unqualified engineer might not meet the standards required. Obviously, when gas leaks it is extremely dangerous and it’s crucial your tenants are as safe as possible.


Where can I find a company for gas safety inspections near me in London?


MML Plumbing regularly carries out this type of inspection in London and offer convenient appointment slots, which fit around your schedule. Quick and efficient, we can also have your Gas Safety Certificate sent to you as quickly as possible.

If the property in London passes, our engineer will give you a Gas Safety certificate to testify it’s safe. To obtain this certificate, you must have the property fully inspected, including the gas metre, pipework and any appliances.


To book a gas safety inspection near you in London, simply get in touch with our team today on 02083550840.