How we replace your old kitchen tap?

How we replace your old kitchen tap?

Having a beautiful new tap in your kitchen can really make a difference in the design.


If you want to replace your old tap for a new kitchen tap you can call an experienced plumbing service like MML Plumbing for advice, or you can reach out to us and we can replace your old tap within 2 hours!


For advice, you can contact us by e-mail at [email protected] by sending the details and pictures about the old tap.

So let’s get started! How we install a new kitchen tap

Step 1:

We have to start with a right-buy.


There are many types of taps on the market! To buy a suitable kitchen tap for your sink, we have to consider the water pressure in your home. Usually, the pressure in the kitchen tap is mains fed so we will not have any problem with the pressure.


What about if you have low pressure in your home?


In this case, we can choose a low-pressure kitchen tap. But this means that you have low pressure in the whole house.


If we are right then at MML Plumbing service we also can help you sort out the low water pressure problem in your kitchen tap and your house, by installing a home booster pump.


Step 2:

We will need a plan and a couple of things before we start to install your new kitchen tap:


  • A proper new tap to your sink.
  • Manual is very important! But of course, we installed hundreds of taps so we know what we are doing.
  • An adjustable spanner, metric box spanner.
  • Basin wrench.
  • Teflon tape or loctite.
  • A small bucket.
  • Plumber mate.
  • Kitchen towel


Step 3:

Before we touch anything, we start with the most important thing. Find out where the main stop cock (stop valve) is located and make sure it is turned off. If we can’t find the stop tap in your kitchen under the sink, we can still search the front of the house and turn it off from there.


Professionally qualified plumbers like us, always start with this step, before we install a new tap.


In some cases, underneath the kitchen tap, on the incoming pipe, we can find an isolation valve. Here we can isolate the water by using a flat head screwdriver and turn a quarter.


Next is to double-check, the water flow is completely off by opening the tap.


Step 4:

We prepare the area we are working on, so we are not doing any damage, leaving any rubbish behind, and also in the case if the water drips out we have a bucket ready.


Step 5:

The plumber will disconnect the kitchen tap from the pipework.


There are two ways to do this:

  • a. If there is a 15mm copper pipe connections, the plumber will undo the nuts. Also, we need to hold the tap to so it won’t twisting and undo the hot and cold side nuts. The plumber will put a towel behind the pipe so we can catch the dripping water.
  • b. Another type is the flexible tap connector. The plumber will loosen the nuts with an adjustable spanner where this connecting to the pipe or isolating valve. Sometimes the nuts are very tight. We unscrew the nuts and take out the flexible pipes.


Step 6:

We start to disconnect the kitchen tap. Normally the plumber needs a faucet wrench or an adjustable spanner. It all depends on which one is better to access the nuts.


For standard mixer taps, the plumber will use a back-nut & tap connector set to loosen the nuts on the hot and cold side.


After successfully removing the old tap, the plumber will clean the leftover residue and will check around the sink if there is any damage where the water can get trough.

Now we are ready to install your new kitchen tap!

At MML Plumbing a kitchen tap changing job is regular day-to-day work.


1st step: The plumber will clean the work area, and everything around the sink, in order to install your new kitchen tap in a clean surface.


2nd step: To the tap connector thread, the plumber will apply a few turns of sealing tape. Normally the plumber will use PTFE tape. These need to be applied clockwise direction.


3rd step: The plumber will apply the gaskets and washers by hand and after we slowly tighten with an adjustable spanner, but we are really careful because some of the nuts are made from plastic!


Step 7:

Now the plumber has connected your new kitchen tap to your water supply and tightened the hot and cold side nuts.


After the plumber successfully installed your new kitchen tap, they will leave your water supply off, to check around that everything is done properly. If the plumber is happy, then they will slowly turn back the water supply to check any dripping water on the pipework and testing the tap, removing the air left in the pipes. By slowly opening the tap handle, first the hot side and after the cold side if it’s a mixer tap, so the air will not trap in the pipework.


And that is it. Everything is done. The plumber has installed a new kitchen tap for you, and you can use it right away.


As you see, installing a new kitchen tap in your home isn’t complicated, but you need so many tools, materials and few parts than its better you call a professional service like MML Plumbing.


You can find a plumber in Barnet or in north London. MML Plumbing is here for you. Don’t hesitate to call us next time at 02083550840

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