Combi boiler installation in Barnet

If you need a new combi boiler installation in Barnet, you are in the right place.

Combi Boiler Installation

Before any boiler installation, first, we need to identify what kind of boiler do you have. Whether it’s a regular (heat only), a system boiler or a combination (combi) boiler.

If you have a combi boiler what is over 15 years old and it breaks down recently, we recommend to replace it. The labour and boiler parts for the old boiler will sometimes cost hundreds of pounds.


To replace an old combi boiler it is a 1-2 day work. During the combi boiler installation, we also clean the heating system, check your radiator’s performance so the new combi boiler can perform as should be.


If you have a regular or system boiler what you want to convert to a combi boiler, it is still possible to do. It takes a few days extra but we still can cover this installation too.


About the combination boiler:


This boiler is the most most common in UK households. These boilers don’t have to heat and external water tank and because of this, they are more energy-efficient. Combi boilers heat the incoming main water instantaneously providing heating and hot water in good pressure. If you have only one bathroom and just a few radiators, you can easily replace your old regular boiler to a new combi boiler.

The combi boiler installation is faster, you also need less space for this combi boiler, and you save money on the long run because you don’t have to heat a hot water tank even if you not using it.


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What size of combi boiler do you need?


In simple word, we talk about what the kW. How big are your heating system and hot water demand?

The more radiator you have in your home or high demand for hot water, the bigger (KW) combi boiler you need.


You can find out more about boiler sizes: HERE!


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What boiler brand you should choose?


At MML Plumbing we fit many high-quality combi boilers. Just to name a few like Baxi, Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal, Viessmann.

The important thing you have to watch is the boiler warranty. Some manufacturers give 10-year parts and labour warranty. We think this is the most important thing to watch.

Most boilers what we install come at least 5 years of labour and parts warranty.



How many days will take to install a combi boiler?


All the combi boiler installation work are different, sometimes we have to deal with some complications like replacing the gas pipe.

Normally a combi boiler to combi swap will take us one day. We also calculate one day for system cleaning.

If you have an old system boiler or regular boiler, the installation could take from 1.5-4 days.


If you have other enquiries regarding the combi boiler installation we have to know this when we come out and check the system.


What we normally think when we say other installation enquiries:


-moving the boiler to a different location.

-changing an undersized gas pipe.

-power flushing your heating system.

-replacing radiators.



Combi boiler installation steps:


Depends on how we estimated the work, the gas engineer will bring all the parts and combi boiler what need for the installation.

When the gas engineer will arrive he/ she will explain to you every step what he/she needs to take.



  1. First, the gas engineer checks the pipework.
  2. We do a few gas test to see if you have any leak.
  3. The heating system will be drained down.
  4. Your old combi boiler will be removed.
  5. We install or change the pipework.
  6. We fit the new combi boiler to the wall and connect to the pipework.
  7. We fill up the heating system with water and check for leaks.
  8. We check for gas leaks.
  9. We carry out an electrical safety check.

After we install the combi boiler we flush the system to remove any leftover residues. Next, we put an inhibitor for system protection.


After all the boiler installation work done, the gas engineer will check all the functions of the combi boiler, will fill out the paperwork and explain to you how the new combi boiler works.


After we fill up the paperwork, we register your boiler to the gas safe and also the boiler warranty, you will receive all the documents by post.


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