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9 Plumbing Check Before Buying a Home

Purchasing a new home? Imagine finding your home, because your family is growing and the neighbourhood is idyllic. We are excited to begin another chapter of ours, but they have another secret they’re trying to hide. It comes accompanied by serious plumbing problems, and repairing this problem costs a small fortune, but sellers prefer to stay hidden from the buyer until they sell their property. Moreover, plumbing problems are not discovered in an ordinary inspection. Before purchasing a house, a buyer must make certain everything goes well, that’s why we are here.

Internal leaks

Firstly, it is easy to spot an external leak once you are inside the property. It is visible and clear to the naked eye.

Secondly, water is dripping from the ceiling, from pipework, dripping taps or leaky toilets. An opportunity to negotiate the final price, due to the costly repair ahead of you. To repair a leaky toilet stop tap or wall is an easily spent £1000.

Thirdly, but not lastly what about the internal leaks? Do you know how to spot them even inside contaminated water on your property? No one knows them but a professional with special tools.

MML Plumbing Ltd is carrying out special inspections within their Pre Purchase Plumbing Survey, to prevent you from buying a house which has plumbing issues.

Internal leaks are more expensive, because a wall, a ceiling, a floor or concrete has to be taken out to repair water damage.

Sinks and faucets general plumbing appliances

Can you tell me what the plumbing in your home looks like? You might be able to see the current outside state but cannot predict if they will need to be repaired soon. A professional plumber who is more experienced can tell you if they need to be replaced or not, whether they are working properly or not. ( such as a tap’s cartridge condition, a pump condition etc)

Water Heaters

The replacement of the appliance that is critical to the home purchase is often a high cost. Check the heating system carefully.

Water stains

Symptoms of leaking lead pipes include water residues or cracks in ceilings. Leaky pipe replacements are relatively cheap and reworking the resulting damage is costly.

Pressure issues

Although bad water pressure may be resolved by installing a booster pump, a new shower or a boiler, this is not always the case. It always requires a full, thorough investigation quality inspection, which is expensive. If you are viewing a property to buy, you might not be able to tell the quality of the water supply, but if you hire a plumber to carry out a Pre-Plumbibg Purchase, their work is to check and tell you.

Shut-off valve

Another plumbing thing you can check when purchasing a property is a shutoff valve. Turn off the valve and use the faucets all around the house. If you can’t turn off the valve, that is already a big issue. In case you can, this valve is likely to be defective when the hot water system drips slowly. Make sure to inspect all the valves that control water to the showers or toilets, along with the primary shutoff valve.

Primary sewer drainage

It’s crucial for people who plan on buying older homes. This is a major cause of the primary sewer drain deteriorating because of advancing age and could cause tree roots to grow inside. The testing for water quality may also be tricky. You may also need the services of an authorized plumber to conduct camera inspections. Usually, hidden sewer drainage problems can cause floodwater damage.


Radiators are normally heating works, not water supply but you can include them in your plumbing survey.

Radiators play a major part when it comes to heating. They can look good and clean, but they might not be working. How can you tell? You can’t. By calling out a professional with a thermal imaging camera, they will be able to tell you the temperature of the water heater in each radiator. They will also be able to tell if they are blocked, and not working as they should be.


Again, heating is related but worth every money to always check for leaks. If the boiler is not working as it should, you will end up installing a new boiler in your new house. That is a major expense after moving in. It can start from £1500 for labour only. This is only for a like-for-like replacement, to the same place. The boiler itself starts at around £800, but a good quality boiler is around £1800-£2500 just for the body itself. You have to calculate a couple of hundred pounds for the rest of the parts. When buying a new property, it is essential to hire a plumber or a gas engineer to come over and tell his/her opinion about your new future property.

What is a plumbing check?

During the plumbing survey, it is easy for a plumber to identify a blockage or heating system issue. Also, with everything mentioned above, you might not be able to identify yourself. It is easy to see leaky taps, leaky pipes, water stains or a faulty kitchen sink, which are visible to the naked eye. But if the new property has an issue with the central heating, inside the radiator, with water pressure, a water meter, with lead water pipes, or within the plumbing and drainage system, in general, you won’t know, unless you hire a professional for a plumbing inspection.

An innocent wrongly connected hot water connection can lead to damage to your appliances, such as a dishwasher, or washing machine. No one wants that.

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