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When your toilet does not flush, it can be very frustrating. There are many reasons why this might happen, and we will describe some of these common reasons. The first step is to identify whether the plumbing problem is a common toilet problem in your drainage system. Is there any obstruction in the cistern or if there are water supply issues that can cause the cistern parts to fail? If you follow our simple steps you can identify the issue. We help you decide if you can fix the issue yourself or if you need an expert plumber.

There are a few common reasons why your toilet won’t flush

It is most likely that one of these parts is broken:

  1. You don’t have water in the toilet bowl.
  2. The faulty or damaged rubber flapper.
  3. The syphon is not working due to limescale buildup.
  4. The fill valve is faulty.
  5. You have a blockage.

A toilet that won’t flush often has a low level of water in the cistern

When there isn’t enough water in the cistern, it can lead to a situation where the toilet won’t flush. To examine the problem, it is best to look at the drain lines in the back of your toilet tank. In many cases, the drain line for the water should be about an inch below your overflow tube.

There are many types of other roots of cisterns and some of them build inside the wall.

If you can remove the toilet handle and the lid, check if there is any water flowing in the cistern after the flush. You might have a running toilet where the flushing part needs replacing.

There are two reasons why you don’t have water in the cistern:

  1. If you find that the toilet tank not filling up, you can adjust the float ball inside of it. Sometimes the toilet tank adjuster looks like a screw, you have to twist it left and right to adjust the float arm.
  2. Check if your main supply is not turned off. In some places, this could be a reason.

Do you have hot water on in another part of the house?

If you checked everywhere and you have water coming out from your taps then the issue lies inside the toilet water cistern. You can check if you have an isolation valve underneath the toilets. This can be closed or can be clogged up.

If you are a DIY homeowner, you can turn off the main water. Get an adjustable spanner, undo the nuts, and open the isolation valve just a tiny bit! Check if there is any water coming out from your pipe.

If there is water in the pipes then it is more likely that the filling mechanism is broken and you have to change it.

Is the water level too low in the cistern?

Flushing your toilet tank requires a lot of water to produce the correct flow.

By opening the cistern lid you will find the filling mechanism. You have to move the flush lever to adjust the screw to the correct position.

On the ball valve, there is a white plastic pin that you have to turn. The plastic pin is always on the filling mechanism where the water enters the tank. This needs adjusting to having more water in the tank.

Say goodbye to cistern troubles! Our expert team can swiftly resolve any issues with your cistern within just a few hours. Don’t let the inconvenience linger – give us a call today and experience a hassle-free solution!

The toilet won’t flush because the handle is broken

You might find that the tank handle outside it looks fine but you still have an issue.
This is due to the handle rod (square shank) or nylon arm broken.
You have to open up your tank lid and check if the rod or the nylon arm is broken. These parts need replacing. You can find some parts in the local shop.
If you are not confident with the work, call our expert plumber and we sort out your issues in no time.

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Your toilet flapper is damaged or bent

The flapper is bent, your toilet is continuously clogged toilet overflowing and you can not stop it.

The most common reason why a toilet doesn’t flush is that the flapper (the white rubber flap at the bottom of your toilet) doesn’t seal. To fix this problem, you’ll need to replace it with a new one- and they’re inexpensive!

This might sound like a really easy fix-up job for someone handy in plumbing but if not, don’t worry: all you have to do is:

  • turn off the water supply
  • and make sure the water level behind the old flapper is below its lip before removing it from your toilet.
  • replace the flapper.

Usually, it is better to replace the whole flushing mechanism.

You have issues with the lift chain

The only issue can have with the lift chain is there will be a too-loose nut and too much slack. If the chain is loose it can not lift the flapper high enough. The water can be a toilet that won’t flush down the toilet properly leaving you with little or no water at all.

Adjust the chain so that it is tight and can not be pulled through.

If you are unable to adjust the toilet lift chain, check if there is an obstruction. Check the pipe or cartridge inside of the tank.

Check any toilet tissue or flapper valve opening arm sticking up too high. Remove any obstructions and the water might not flush properly in sufficient water in the toilet bowl.

You can cut the chain to the right size and adjust it to the correct level.

Your toilets are blocked

This would be the first step that you have to do. You lift the toilet and drain line and check if you have a toilet blockage!

  • Do you flush food in the toilet?
  • Are you using too much toilet paper?
  • Do you flush baby wipes in the toilet?
  • Does any cotton bud fall in the toilet?

If you have done any of the above your toilet brush drainage system might be clogged. You can try to clean out the blockage yourself using a used toilet paper auger or a plunger. If the blockage is further away in the drainage system, you need a drainage engineer for the work.

Before you call an engineer to unclog your toilet check the following:

Check your gutter gulley on the street which is close to your property. That could be yours.

Sometimes the whole drainage system is blocked in front of the property. In a case like this, you have to call the maintenance team which could be Thames Water. The front-of-house drainage issues belong to them. They can unblock your drainage system in front of the property for free.

Quick tips on what you should do before you call a professional plumber

  1. The first thing you should do when your toilet doesn’t flush is to check the water level in the tank!
  2. Check for any obstructions in the pipes that may be causing a blockage!
  3. Make sure there’s enough water to fill up the cistern and cover all of its contents before flushing it!
  4. Don’t forget to clean out your cistern periodically as well! It could be clogged which would cause problems!

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