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    Detecting and fixing leaks fast


    Water leaks can be a property owner’s nightmare, leading to costly plumbing repairs and wasted resources. Property owners are responsible for fixing any leaks on their side of the external stop valve, even if the meter is located inside the property. The challenge lies in detecting these leaks early before they cause significant damage.

    We can help you identify leaks in the main water supply pipes. We understand the common signs and utilizing the right techniques, and we can save money and conserve water.

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    Understanding the Importance of Leak Detection

    • A main water leak can happen for various reasons, often related to the age and condition of pipes or changes in the ground.
    • Property owners are responsible for fixing any leaks on their side of the external stop valve. In a few cases, your neighbour’s property renovation can shake the ground which then sinks and causes leaks in the pipes.
    • Recognizing the signs early is crucial to prevent significant damage and water wastage

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    Why Do Water Leaks Happen?

    • Pipe Age and Condition: Over time, pipes can degrade, leading to weaknesses causing a potential leak.
    • Ground Movement: moving ground can stress the pipe, causing a huge leak.
    • Water Pressure: Excessive pressure can cause pipes to burst or develop leaks over time if not monitored regularly.
    • Property Owners’ Responsibility: Property owners are responsible for maintaining their pipes and fixing any leaks on their side of the external stop valve.

    A sudden increase in your water bill can be a sign of a leak, but it’s important to investigate other potential causes as well.

    leak detection in the ceiling with an endoscope camera

    The impact of water pressure on water pipes


    High pressure can weaken the pipe, leading to a leak or even bursts.

    Managing the system is essential to maintain the integrity of your water supply system and prevent leaks. Installing a pressure regulator in the incoming main water pipe can help maintain this issue.

    Property owners should regularly monitor and manage water pressure to prevent leaks.

    Common Signs of Water Supply Leak

    Identifying leaks early can save you from significant headaches. Here are some common signs that indicate a potential leak in the main water supply pipe:

    1. High Water Bills: A sudden spike in your water bill without increased usage often signals a leak. Usually, your water supplier Thames Water will send you a letter about high water usage.
    2. Damp or Wet Spots: Unexplained damp patches on walls, ceilings, or floors can be a clear indicator.
    3. Sound of Running Water: Hearing water running when all taps are off suggests a hidden leak.
    4. Low Water Pressure: a noticeable pressure drop can be a result of a leak in the supply pipes.
    5. Mould and Mildew: Persistent mould growth despite cleaning may point to a leak.

    Sometimes the leak is not visible. This is because the main internal pipework is running underneath the floorboard or in the slab. And because of this, it is not noticeable. Property owners should be vigilant in identifying these signs and addressing leaks promptly.

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    ultrasonic leak detection to identify a small leak in the plumbing system

    Tools and Techniques for Leak Detection

    When our plumber at MML Plumbing detects a leak efficiently, it requires the right tools and techniques. Here are some methods you can employ:

    1. Meter Check: We use your water meter to check for leaks by noting the reading, avoiding water usage for a few hours, and then checking the meter reading again. During this period we also start to investigate the leak inside the property.
    2. Pressure Test: this test can help identify leaks by measuring pressure drops in the tested section of the pipe.
    3. Acoustic Listening Devices: These devices detect the sound of water leaks within a pipe. This is a very sensitive and expensive tool which picks up the slightest noise below the surface.
    4. Thermal Imaging Cameras: these cameras help locate leaks in the concrete slab by identifying temperature differences caused by water leaks. We use this camera for the underfloor heating, radiator pipe and hot water pipe testing.
    5. Dye Testing: Adding dye to the water supply or the waste system can help trace the source of a leak. We also use a UV light camera to track down the leaking water.

    Property owners can use these tools and techniques to detect leaks on their property.

    How do we find a burst pipe leak?


    1. We turn off all appliances and check the meter for movement.
    2. We examine the exposed internal pipes, internal stop tap, and dripping tap, for signs of moisture or corrosion.
    3. We test if the water pressure is low in the system by isolating the internal stopcock.
    4. Use an acoustic device to listen to any sound and pinpoint the leak.
    5. Using our thermal image camera to spot temperature anomalies indicating
    We installed a modern boiler in a renovated home

    Professional Leak Detection Services


    Although DIY methods can be effective, there are times when it is best to consult our professional plumbers. With over 15 years of industry experience, we are equipped to handle any plumbing issue with expertise and precision. We are also experts in leak repair. After we successfully track down the leak, we also give you an estimate for fixing the damaged areas. Property owners should seek professional help when they are unable to detect or fix leaks on their own.

    Conducting a thermal camera inspection on a radiator

    Benefits of hiring our leak detection expert


    1. Accurate Diagnosis where we can pinpoint the exact location of leaks.
    2. Efficient Repairs where our engineer technicians can quickly repair the walls or ceilings, tiling, and minimizing damage.
    3. Advanced Equipment where we use specialized equipment that may not be available for DIY use.
    4. We give you a warranty for our work ensuring that the leaks are correctly fixed.
    5. Property owners are responsible for ensuring that leaks are correctly fixed by


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    To detect a leak in a burst pipe or the water mains, you can:

    1. Check your water meter: Turn off all water in your home and observe the meter. If it continues to move, there might be a leak.

    2. Look for signs of water damage: Water spots, warping, or damp areas around your home can indicate a leak.

    3. Listen for sounds: Hissing or running water sounds when no taps are on can suggest a leak.

    1. Unexplained increases in your water bill can indicate a leak.

    2. Wet areas on the ground, driveway, or lawn, even in dry weather.

    3. Reduced water flow in your shower can be a sign of a leak.

    1. Using acoustic equipment: our plumbers use sensitive microphones to detect the sound of water escaping from the pipe.

    2. Look for wet ground: Soggy areas in your yard or garden can indicate a leak.

    3. Monitor water meter readings: Consistent readings when water is not in use can signal a leak.

    1. Acoustic listening devices: These tools amplify the sound of water leaks.

    2. Thermal imaging cameras: These cameras detect temperature differences to locate hidden leaks.

    3. Pressure testing: Plumbers pressurize the pipe system and monitor for pressure drops and most leaks.

    1. Average cost: Typically ranges from £500 to £1,000, depending on the complexity and extent of the leak.

    2. Factors affecting cost: Location of the leak, ease of access, and the type of repair required.

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