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MML Plumbing limited is a trustworthy, affordable plumbing-gas-heating business based in Barnet.

We are covering North London and a little part of North-West London. Residents in those areas often see our experts working. Successfully working together with homeowners, landlords, small businesses over the years, never received any complaints.

MML Plumbing is providing domestic gas services, and residential and commercial plumbing and heating services.

Our Gas services include:


  • New boiler installation
  • Gas hob installation
  • Gas Saftey Certificate for homeowners
  • CP12 for landlords
  • Boiler repair
  • Boiler service
  • Pre-Purchase survey


Contact us for more information, and to find out more about what we do at [email protected]



Our Heating service includes:


  • Heating system issues
  • Energy efficiency issues
  • Hot water cylinder related calls
  • Cold water storage tank
  • Lack of heating and hot water
  • Central heating system cleaning
  • Heating system upgrade
  • Pre-Purchase survey


Contact us and find out more about what we do on 020 8355 0840. The best heating engineers in Barnet, and across North London.

Our plumbing services include:


  • General residential plumbing
  • Commercial plumbing
  • New plumbing installations
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Leak detection
  • Shower installation

There are so many types of plumbing work we do day by day. If you like to be visited by a local professional plumber in North London, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us on 0208355 0840 or contact us by email 24/7.

Gas safe registered business and engineers in North London


MML Plumbing Ltd is a gas safe registered local firm

Cannot repeat ourselves enough. When it comes to gas appliances, always use a registered and insured business. We are not just registered and insured, but always honest, and ready to go for the extra miles to make our customers happy.

After our gas engineers finished with their work, they will take their time to explain what they did, why they did it, and they will give you handy advice for the future.

For us, it is really important to educate our customers about their heating system, or boiler, in order to use their appliances better, and taking care of their system.



Always use a professional, registered gas engineer, give MML Plumbing a call, and we will book a visit with one. Our number is 020 8355 0840.

New boiler installation, from a trusted local Barnet installer


Get the value at affordable prices


Why choose MML Plumbing’s gas engineers?


  • Registered local technicians
  • Insured works
  • Customer-friendly bookings
  • Installing quality boiler brands
  • Affordable prices

Boiler installation or replacement step by step in Barnet


It is already an advantage to live in a beautiful place like Barnet, however, we can make it even better for you. Our company is based in Barnet, therefore we know how to tailor our offers to our neighbours.

  1. Contact MML Plumbing, and our engineer will visit you, on the same or next day for an estimation!
  2. Estimation accepted, our experts are ready to get the work done!
  3. It is installation day!
  4. Enjoy your new energy-efficient boiler!
  5. Relax with your up to 10 years of labour and material warranty!

North London Boiler Installation Areas

Enfield – Haringey – Barnet – Islington – Camden – Hackney – Westminster.

Wood green – Winchmore hill – Whetstone – Upper holloway – Upper Edmonton – Tottenham – Stoke Newington – South Tottenham – Southgate – Palmers green – Muswell hill – New Southgate – North Finchley – Lower Edmonton – Hornsey – Holloway – Highgate – Highbury – Finsbury Park – Finchley – East Finchley – King’s Cross.

N1 – N2 – N3 – N4 – N5 – N6 -N7 – N8 – N9 -N10 – N11 – N12 -N13 – N14 – N15 -N16 – N17 – N3 – N18 – N19 – N20.


Check out our plumbing, heating, gas service areas in North London 

Let us help you to find the best types of boiler brands

Choosing a quality boiler brand is crucial. If you already spending hundreds of pounds on a boiler installation, make the most out of it!

Our opinion is in order to receive the best boiler, to reduce your bills, increase the power of your central heating system, it is essential to choose a high-quality brand. (leave the rest with our professionals, they will help you, to give recommendations, which will be the most suitable for your system, property and lifestyle) We are working only with well-known brands in the UK, reliable, a maximum value for the money, and with and we can reassure they will make a long lifespan, and serve you for decades. Also, it is important to consider the years of warranty, the manufacturer provides. Low-quality boiler manufacturers give up to 2-5 years of warranty, compared to the high-quality boiler makes which can be high as 12 years of parts and labour warranty. Huge difference, so it is something you have to consider in the first place.

Just to name a few brands we are installing:

Vaillant, Worcester-Bosch, Viessman, Baxi, Ideal.

When do you need a new boiler?


This question we hear very often. Obviously, people like to keep their boiler alive, as long as they can, but there are some signs when the alarm goes on.


    1. Very old boiler (we consider old boiler after the age of 10 years)
    2. Your boiler often needs to be repaired
    3. Your old boiler and system are not suitable for your property. (no pressure etc)
    4. Inefficient boiler
    5. Home extension
    6. Relocation, or central heating system upgrade
    7. Increasing the saleability of your property


There are many reasons for the installation, contact us if you need help on 020 8355 0840.

What type of boiler can I install?


There are three main type of boilers you can install into your home: combi boilers, heat only (regular boilers) and system boilers.

Which is the most suitable for you? It all depends on your property circumstances, your old system, your property, your budget, your previous boiler, your heating system’s condition, and last but not least, your preference.


What do you get with MML Plumbing’s local installers in Barnet and across North London?


  • Gas safe registered installers
  • Experienced technicians
  • Insured work
  • Comprehensive warranty on boilers, parts and labour
  • Local Barnet engineers
  • Quality work
boiler installation
new boiler installed in barnet

Competitive, Honest Pricing and Value for Money

MML Plumbing’s Barnet boiler installers


This is what to expect when you choose MML Plumbing’s gas safe registered installers in Barnet.

Our engineers are well known in Barnet and across North London. Our experts will never let you down. Either face to face, over the phone, or via email, our staffs reassure you, that you receive the best care.

We are always kind and helpful besides knowledge and professionalism.

Anything you need related to gas-heating or plumbing, you have come to the right place.


Contact us in many ways, email, phone, or make an online quote if you are a resident of North London!



MML Plumbing ltd for the trust.



Choosing the right installer it’s not always about money. You can ask for hundreds of free quotes, and surveys, but no one can beat an experienced, professional local firm.

As we all know, the Barnet community are a close-knit community. We are proud to be a part of it.

We’re happy to serve our neighbourhood, and our good reputation is vital.

Your experience is our reputation, and as you can see our reviews and our presents are reflecting on our maximalism, professionalism, and good customer care.

Also, our rates and prices are the most affordable in the gas-heating and plumbing market compare to our competitors.

Let’s keep it together, and support locals. Contact us at [email protected] or quote your work today.

Are we covering your area? Let’s give us a call today, and book your fantastic expert!

1.How much does a plumber charge to install a boiler?


We can’t tell enough. Only a gas safe registered engineer is competent to work on gas appliances, whether it is a boiler or a gas hob.


Call us on 020 8355 0840, to request a visit by a registered gas engineer.



2.How do I find a good boiler installer?


You just found one. We mentioned above all the advantages we are coming with. There is a lot of important things to check and consider before you hire someone.


1.) We always recommend working with a limited company like us. First of all, limited companies require to have Public liability insurance up to £ 2 million.


2.) Limited companies have more investments, so they have more to lose. This fact makes the companies being more reliable, and trustworthy than others.


3.) Good presents are everything. Check the reviews everywhere. Find out our customer’s experiences.


4.) Website. Some of you already know the amount of work and money you need to maintain, and advertise a business website. I think this investment shows the business’s intention. If a tradesman just presents on free sites and advertising for free, that is not a good sign.


5.) Recommendations. Again, reviews, and word of mouth. We have worked with many homeowners, businesses and landlords across Barnet, and within North London. Probably already worked for your neighbours or family members as well.


6.) Contacts. For us the appearances are crucial. Small things such as personalised email addresses, or having a landline office number can mean a lot. This again shows, the company’s intention, if they are investing money to grow their business, or not and happy with a mobile number to serve their customers.


7.) When it comes to boiler installation, the most important thing is to check is the company GAS SAFE REGISTRATION NUMBER. Do not hire someone without the right qualification to install your boiler, because their offer is a little cheaper. It can cost your own safety. You can find our Gas Safe Registration number at the bottom of our website. We also recommend asking the gas engineers gas safe card with a photo, on the appearance. Unfortunately, it is a very common method by companies, to send out someone with only experience but no qualification. The company itself is registered, but not the engineer. Our engineers are registered individually, please feel free to ask for their photo cards upon arrival.


8.) Companies House check.


As we said earlier, it is always worth using a limited company rather than anything else. However, there are still some companies acting as a company, and they are already dissolved. Please always check, who you are inviting into your property.  

Just to mention a few tips before you consider getting a big job done like a boiler installation to think about. Hope it helps.

If you would like to hire a reliable and affordable professional ltd in Barnet, do not hesitate more.


Call our office on 020 8355 0840 or email the admins at [email protected].

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