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In today’s homes, water leaks are capable of creating absolute chaos, leading to structural wreckage, mould infestation, and huge financial setbacks. Spotting leaks early is vital to avoiding these expensive and troublesome outcomes.

MML Plumbing’s leak detection experts provide peace of mind by swiftly pinpointing hidden leaks in the plumbing systems, permitting prompt fixes before they turn into bigger problems.

Our leak detection company excels at FINDING AND FIXING water pipe leaks. We use a NON-INVASIVE approach that ensures minimal disruption or further harm to your property.

We use cutting-edge technologies such as Acoustic Leak Detection, Thermal Imaging, Endoscopes, and Gas Trace-Hydrogen Leak Detectors to ensure precise and efficient leak detection.


    our leak detection specialists using sound leak detection by our

    Why choose MML Plumbing


    MML Plumbing stands out as North London’s top leak detection authority with a team of leak detection experts, consistently recognized for excellence and operating locally without relying on subcontractors. We specialize in non-invasive techniques to accurately locate leak origins or entry points, ensuring minimal disruption to your home.

    Our expertise covers a comprehensive range of detection and repair services, swiftly and cost-effectively addressing issues such as:

    • Internal and external burst pipes
    • Hot and cold water feed
    • Heating system leaks
    • Underfloor heating issues
    • Bathroom leaks including shower and bathtub
    • Main water leak detection
    • Boiler leaks
    • Toilet leaks
    • Drainage pipe leaks
    • Hot water pipe leak

    What kind of leaks can we help with? Our Water Leak Detection Services:

    Locating A Central Heating System Leak

    With our smart leak detection equipment, we can find them easily. Our engineers can trace and pinpoint the leak in the heating and plumbing system pipes that usually run underneath the floorboard. To find a leak, we use an acoustic leak detection device and thermal imaging leak detection to trace and find the leak. We can detect leaking underfloor heating pipes in the concrete slab and we can find solutions to repair the leak. After our expert London plumber has conducted a leak investigation and located the leak, we take steps to secure the area and ensure safety.

    Central Heating Leaks List

    Conducting a thermal camera inspection on a radiator

    Non-invasive techniques in North London

    For internal and external leaks

    A suspected hidden internal and external leaks can occur on any day. Whether they are external, internal or main water leaks this requires a leak investigation professional.

    Most leaks we find are easy to locate! We either fix them on the spot or provide you with a fixed-price quote for leak repair. We use non-destructive advanced leak detection, with the latest leak detectors, when traditional leak detection techniques fail!

    Water Mains Leak Investigation

    If you have a main water leak dripping underneath the floorboard or below ground, this is where we come in with our acoustic leak detection device. This is the best tool to detect leaks which are hidden. Probably you can hear the water spraying onto the floorboard but you can’t find the source.

    • Underground
    • Stopcock
    • Connection Point


    Domestic Plumbing Leak Investigation

    Our experienced plumbers utilise a multi-pronged approach for domestic leak investigations.

    Common Domestic Leak Locations:

    • Showers
    • Toilets (flapper valve, fill valve)
    • Faucets (cartridge, valve body)
    • Pipes (under sinks, behind appliances, in crawlspaces)
    • Washing machine hoses
    ultrasonic leak detection to identify a small leak in the plumbing system
    leak detection in the ceiling with an endoscope camera

    The ultimate leak detection solution:


    Our approach not only saves you money but also minimizes disruption to your daily life.

    Our leak detection experts use advanced techniques to ensure efficient and effective service. Our arsenal of advanced detection techniques includes acoustic listening devices that can zero in on leaks by picking up the sound of water escaping pipes. We also use thermal imaging cameras to detect temperature changes caused by moisture, allowing us to peer behind walls and floors without invasive procedures. Plus, our borescope cameras are designed to find the sneakiest leak.

    Don’t add more to your problems, by calling someone who needs to cut into your ceiling, or walls or rip off the floorboards.

    Water leaks can cause a range of issues that impact your home


    1. Water Damage: Leaks can weaken the structure of your home, damaging walls, ceilings, and floors.
    2. Mould Growth: Moisture from leaks creates the perfect environment for mould, which can lead to health problems and require costly remediation.
    3. High Water Bills: Undetected leaks waste water, causing a significant increase in your water bills.
    a thorough leak detection inspection in a rental property

    Water Damage:

    Leaks can severely compromise the structural integrity of your home. Water seeping into walls, ceilings, and floors can weaken the materials, leading to cracks, warping, and eventual structural failures. They don’t always manifest! Sometimes you might see a tiny patch on the wall or a little bump on the floor, but most of the time with most leaks, you are just reminded by your water provider that your bills are unusually high.

    Mould Growth:

    Persistent moisture from leaks provides an ideal breeding ground for mould.

    Inhaling mould spores can trigger respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and even worsen existing conditions like asthma. The severity of health effects depends on the specific type of mould and individual sensitivities.

    High Water Bills – The Silent Drain

    Undetected leaks can quietly steal your money through wasted water. Even a small, continuous leak can add up to a significant financial burden over time. A pinhole leak can waste litres of water daily, leading to unexpectedly high water bills. A constantly dripping faucet can also result in substantial water waste and financial impact, especially if multiple faucets are involved.

    Signs of a leak include:

    • Visible water.
    • Dampness or discoloration.
    • Musty odors.
    • Peeling paint.
    • Mould growth. – Damp issue
    • High water bills.
    • Decreased water pressure.
    • Sounds of running water.
    Finding a leak in the radiator using a thermal image camera

    Repair services: Fixing a plumbing leak in the local area


    We utilise non-destructive trace and access methods, which are highly preferred by the insurance company. These leak detection services allow us to pinpoint the source of the leak quickly without causing unnecessary cuts into the ceiling, ensuring effective resolution of the issue.

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    How to make a successful leak insurance claim with MML Plumbing

    Our detailed reports, documenting the precise location and extent of damage, are crucial for insurance claims. By choosing MML Plumbing, you ensure efficient leak detection and seamless insurance claim processes, ultimately restoring your property promptly and effectively.

    acoustic leak detection in a stopcock on the street
    leak detection in the ceiling with an endoscope camera

    Trust and Credibility

    Returning customers.

    Over 70, 5-star reviews.

    Professional leak detection experts who will find any leak and give a realistic price for the repair work.

    Non-destructive leak detection solutions

    The latest technology

    A detailed report comprehensive written report with videos and pictures makes the insurance claim process easier

    We find 99% of the leaks and fix them!

    We are the leading water leak detection specialists in North London

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    Our professional leak detection specialists are fully qualified. For our leak detection specialists, this is day-to-day work and always leaves happy clients behind. Leak detection is a popular job across North London.

    MML Plumbing offers highly competitive leak detection prices, providing excellent service and value.

    Our prices are a fraction of the potential water damage costs. Other options include:

    1. Hiring a cheaper plumber without tools, risks further damage.
    2. Hiring someone with tools at a higher or similar price, but only we repair the leak.

    Signs of a hidden water leak include rising water bills, mould or mildew growth, damp odours, water stains on walls or ceilings, and the sound of running water when fixtures are off.

    Early leak detection is crucial because it can help avoid costly repairs. It helps minimise water waste and reduces the risk of mould growth and associated health issues.

    Yes. Repairs help minimise water from seeping into walls, floors, or other structural components, minimising the risk of rot, mould growth, and structural integrity deterioration.

    Common causes of a burst pipe include water pipe corrosion, faulty pipe joints, high water pressure, deteriorated seals or gaskets, clogs or blockages, and temperature boiler pressure changes causing pipe expansion or contraction.

    Leak detection technology is highly accurate, allowing for the precise identification and location of leaks in plumbing or heating systems.

    Leak detection can include acoustic detection, infrared cameras, borescopic cameras, dye testing, pressure testing, and visual inspection.

    There can be several signs indicating a water leak behind the walls, such as visible mould growth on walls, peeling or bubbling paint and wallpaper, and buckled ceilings, for instance.

    Leak detection costs can vary depending on the complexity of the issue, the location of the leak detection companies and the methods used.

    Water leak detection can be carried out for both residential and commercial properties.

    Leak detection technology can find underground leaks using specialised equipment and techniques.

    Building insurance coverage for leak detection may vary depending on the specific insurance policy.

    Visual inspection, pressure test, borescopic detection, thermal imaging, tracer gas detection, and acoustic detection.

    It is advisable to contact a professional plumber or leak detection specialist to assess and address the issue promptly.

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