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Leak Detection Specialists In North London

Most of the times, it is easy to identify if there is a leak in the bathroom or the property. Here comes the professional to fix it!


Our leak detection service is for those who have major leak damage but can’t see the leak. Our leak detection specialist working with the newest leak detection equipment. To search for the leaks in your property is easier than ever.


Our team’s day to day job is including fixing a leaking boiler, a tap, a radiator. Or we search for unseen leaks under the floorboard and ceiling. Our leak detection specialists are working in North London and surrounding areas.

A visible water leak is easy to see and it can be found by yourself. You can contact an expert leak detection company like MML Plumbing to identify the leak.  We solve your problem today and saving you thousands of pounds.


We help you when to search for a leak detection specialist!




      • If you have high water bills, that could be the first sign.
      • Obvious signs, like wet ceiling or wall.
      • Central heating losing pressure.
      • You can hear dripping inside the wall.
      • Mould.


Whatever is your problem, our leak detection experts can help you find the source of the leak!

Find a leak detection expert in Nort London! MML Plumbing special plumbers to search and fix the leak in your house.


Prevent high water bills and call a leak detection expert in time! Contact us Today!

leak detection north london with special thermal camera

Leak Detection In North London!

Leak types in the plumbing, gas and heating industry!



    • Central heating system.
    • Underfloor heating.
    • Water or supply pipes.
    • Gas type (for which you need a gas engineer, or talk to your supplier)!

1.Gas leaks

MML Plumbing is a gas safe registered company with years of experience in the industry. We covering North London and the surrounding areas. When we talk about this kind of leaks it is a priority. If we carry out a boiler service in your property and came across a leak, we will fix the leak immediately.

What happens if the engineer can’t find it?

  • If the engineer can’t locate it, then he needs to turn off your gas and make sure your home and everyone is safe.
  • After he will call the National Emergency Helpline. They will come out and investigate further.

2.Central heating – Underfloor heating



This a quite common in North London homes and the UK. With the right leak detection equipment, we can find your leaks easily. We use a thermal camera and also an inspection camera for searching the leaks.

Once our expert plumber carried out the leak detection and found the leak, we make the area safe. We give you an upfront estimate, how long it will take to fix the leak.

3. Water leak detection?



If your main water leaks, that will be easy for us to detect. Water will be all over. If you have only a dripping pipe somewhere inside the wall, you can call our leak detection expert. We won’t damage your property. We only drill a small hole to the wall in an unseen area. Through this drilled hole, we can insert our leak detection imaging camera. We search for the leak between the joints.

It is also easy to find leak on the hot water pipes.


In most of the cases, during the leak detection the leaks coming from a tap, pipes in the wall, toilet. Some cases the heating system pipes are leaking or water heater feed pipe. Although it seems straightforward where the leak is coming from, this is not always a case. The water can travel far especially if the floor is not level. So it is not necessarily coming directly, even if it’s obvious.

What can be the signs of the internal water leak?



    • Unknown increased water usage are the first sign that indicates if it is external.
    • Changing the heating system’s efficiency.
    • Loss of pressure.
    • Water usage increased.

Do You Have High Water Bills?




If your bill increased, start to think about the reasons. This is usually the first sign. When it is external, it’s obvious, but there are some which are invisible to the naked eye, internal. If it is visible, you can act now and turn off your water at the stop cock. But, if it is internal, it can cause major damage to your property, so act quick!



Our leak detection experts can inspect your home within the next 24 hours.



Your North London leak detection company is here for you. To save money and prevent future damage, book your plumber now.

Look out for these signs! Call our leak detection specialist!

What is the best water leak detection system?



When the leak is unknown, then comes our expert leak detection engineer. He will locate your leak after a short survey. We are covering North London and helping out our neighbours. Our engineers are professionals in the field. Using the highest techniques leak detection equipment.

Two things for the rescue when we talk about leak detection.


Thermal imaging camera and video inspection.

With these techniques, there is no need to take the walls off or damage the tiles. We find your leak with our best tools!

Using our plumber’s expertise, you are receiving a professional, quick leak detection service. We are proud to serve our clients across North London, and save them from major water damage.

Things about thermal imaging camera leak detection!


The camera detects temperature by recognizing different levels of infrared light. Hidden water behind the walls can be found without even a cut. It can detect the temperature differences inside the wall or a floor. The wall and floor must be room temperature, between 18-21. If you have underfloor heating, it can rise with 4- 5 degrees. The camera can show this heat difference underneath. 


There is a lot of benefit to using this camera. 

    • They have a different temperature than the environment temperature.
    • No damage caused to any surface.
    • Quick and efficient water leak detection.
    • Professional identification of hot and cold temperatures within the walls, or underneath the floor.

Leak detection with Video inspection, endoscopic camera:



This is a popular choice for leak detection experts. When it comes to central heating leaks, leaking pipes behind the tight spaces, this is the right tool.

Our plumbers will drill a tiny hole to the affected area. After we will insert the inspection camera. This video will give them a clear picture of the condition of your pipes. We identify where the leaks are coming from. The camera is endoscopic, extendable, and flexible. It gives a visual inspection to our expert, for the areas which are hard or impossible to reach.



The benefit of using Endoscopic camera:

    • Good for cavity walls, underneath the floor, or even the ceilings.
    • Clear view.
    • Give a clear picture of the hidden places.


Only a small hole needed to drill on the affected surface.

Our company is investing in the highest quality smart tools so we can carry out as many leak detection service we can. We can provide the best leak detection service possible to our loyal, and new clients across North London.


Do you experience high water bill? Water usage increased? Experiencing something new with a supply pipe? Water damage? Make your booking with us, and we will do the rest! Contact us today!


Can plumbers detect leaks?

Our professionals are fully qualified and experienced. For our team, this is a day to day work and always leave happy customers behind. They are experts in leak detection and customer service too.

Leak detection is a popular service across North London, and we can give you the best tradesmen for it.



How much does a leak detection survey cost?

Our leak detection prices are the same as the plumbing price. It is counted per hours. The price is only a fraction compare to the water damage what can expand in your home.

How to get in touch with us?





Our friendly office administrators available on 02083550840, from Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 5 pm. If you are unable to call within this time range, you do not have to worry either!



We created a CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY CONTACT FORM. Click on the QUOTE MY JOB page, which is open 24/7. Give us your details about the job, describe the issue, set up your budget, upload pictures and send! You can contact us anytime. It only takes a minute, to fill.

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