Leak detection & fix

Thermal imaging camera, an unknown leak specialist!

Our plumbers can fix visible plumbing leaks right away, but if the source of a water leak is unknown then it’s better to call a plumber, with a special knowledge, and tools, to find it and prevent a huge damage.


The surface temperatures can be recorded without inserting probes into the structure of your property.


They cost money and cause damage, a water leak can even leave you cold with no heating or hot water.  We are proud of what we do and like to keep our customers informed and help you understand the process of leak detection.


Here at MML Plumbing we invested in the highest quality equipment, not the cheapest.

Our plumbers use this technology to reveal heating pipes under the floorboard, discover areas of excess moisture and damp. We can track where the heating pipes are running, also we can see if the pipes are leaking somewhere and how far the water already leaked.

With this camera we are able to detect temperature differences behind walls and beneath floors.


If you experiencing one of those, or see a clear leak on your wall, do not hesitate!

Book one of our plumber, to make a visit in your home.


If you experiencing one of those, or see a clear leak on your wall, do not hesitate!


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Benefit of using Mml Plumbing’s leak detection method

  • Quick, professional, and high quality service.
  • Keep cost at minimum.
  • Minimise the property damage.
  • The camera is able to detect temperature changes behind walls and beneath floors.

Potential problems your hidden water leak could lead to include:

  • If a Water leaking in your property, means you experiencing a higher water bills, then usual.
  • Rapid Temperature Changes.
  • Leaks can waste water, damage your home, and encourage unwanted organic growth.
  • Corrosion.
  • Clogged Lines.
  • Damaged Pipe Joints.
  • Excess Water Pressure.

Type of leaks we find

  • Central heating.
  • Underfloor heating.
  • Water pipes.
  • External leaks.
  • Leaks behind walls.

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