Advanced Water Leak Detection in London

Our advanced leak detection systems utilize state-of-the-art technology and specialized techniques to accurately detect water leaks in the plumbing systems. With our expertise, we can quickly identify a hidden leak, even in hard-to-reach areas, helping to minimize water leaks and reduce unnecessary repairs. Our advanced leak detection company offers a non-invasive approach, ensuring minimal disruption to your property. Trust our professional team to provide precise solutions, save money on water bills, and minimise property leaks and the stress of dealing with undetected leaks.

Acoustic Leak Detection – Thermal Image – Endoscope – Gas Trace Leak Detector

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Emergency plumbing service in Greater London

Swift Response Guaranteed: Priority Attendance

Emergency Leak Detection Service

Specialist leak detection company: 99% Success Rate in Finding and fixing Plumbing Leaks

Affordable Price: Half-Hour Rates Starting from £48.00 (inc. VAT)

central heating leak detection in London

Non-invasive techniques in North London

For internal and external leaks

A suspected hidden internal and external leaks can occur on any day. Whether they are external, internal or main water leaks this requires a leak investigation professional.

Most leaks we find are easy to locate! We either fix them on the spot or provide you with a fixed-price quote for leak repair. We use non-destructive advanced leak detection, with the latest leak detectors, when traditional leak detection techniques fail!

Leak Investigation Techniques

Leak Detection Engineers in Greater London

We use advanced leak detection systems to find a hidden, internal leak in your water pipe. For example, when you have a central heating system pipe leak, the boiler pressure continuously drops. By employing the most advanced technologies available in the market we have the capacity for non-invasive leak detection service. We can pinpoint leaks in the area where there is a possible leak with exact accuracy. The main benefit of using advanced leak detection systems is reducing disruption.

Our service is for those who have a significant leak but can’t see the water leaks. Our leak detector experts use the newest leak detection tools. Locating leaks in your pipe with high accuracy.


Our water leak detection specialist’s day job includes finding and fixing leaks in the boiler, mains, drainage pipes and central heating pipes. We can search for unseen leaks under the concrete floors using our infrared camera. Our advanced leak detection engineers are working in North London and the surrounding areas. Visible water leaks are easy to see and they can be found by yourself. After our team identifies the leak we will fix it and offer you a comprehensive report attaching pictures and videos, so you can claim back the fees from the home insurance.

  • Avoid further leaks and water damage in your property
  • Non-destructive solution for your leaks
  • Our engineer is using special equipment
  • Comprehensive written report with videos and pictures, making the insurance claim process easier
  • We find 99% of the leaks and fix them!
  • Leading water leak detection specialists in North London
  • Contact us to solve your problem today and save thousands of pounds.

Reviews from Our Valued North London Customers

Claudine de Montule
Claudine de Montule
Great and efficient boiler service, fixed price so no surprises. Very professional
Danuta Miloszewski
Danuta Miloszewski
Used MML Plumbing for the first time today. Administrator in office was easy to deal with, efficient and helpful. Plumber arrived on time as arranged, fixed the problem and explained what he had done. Quick, tidy and courteous worker. What I also especially liked was that I was given an actual confirmed time when he would arrive and not one of those two or three-hour 'window slots'!
Charles V
Charles V
MML Plumbing successfully completed the installation of our heating system in our expansive 8-bedroom residence. The placement of the boiler and cylinder was expertly executed in the basement. They meticulously laid new piping throughout the house to facilitate radiators and hot/cold water faucets. The recent commissioning of the system has resulted in its exceptional functionality. Their impeccable organization and absence of any delays were notable. We definitely plan to engage their services again in the future.
Roger Packham
Roger Packham
MML were extremely responsive and accomodating through out. They understood my needs and were solution focused through out the job. I found them so easy to work with and would definitely use them again. Thank you MML.
Agnes Meszaros
Agnes Meszaros
Fast, professional, high quality service at a very reasonable price. I’m really glad I found them.
Henry Smith
Henry Smith
In North London, it can be hard to find a company that you can trust and provide quality work. We called MML Plumbing to install a system boiler and a hot water cylinder. The installation was done in a few days, and now everything is fine. They left the area very clean. I highly recommend them.
Andrew Healey
Andrew Healey
I had a shower replaced. A great job, very satisfied with the work. Levi was friendly, helpful and efficient.
Jatin Modi
Jatin Modi
I have been a landlord for 15 years and used many labour staff in my years. I started to use MML 6months back and now used them 5 times: 1) They are always on time 2) They are respectful 3) I trust their quotes - they do not "make up work" 4) They communicate well on both email and text 5) They are very organised and polite I have dealt with so much domestic help over the years so i know the benchmark - MML are way above Jay (Camden)
MML fitted a shower. Good price, courteous and thorough communication and excellent standard of work. I will call them again if I have plumbing related work
Hollie Davies-Smith
Hollie Davies-Smith
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am thrilled to leave a 5-star review for MML Plumbing's advanced leak detection services. They were able to find a leak that three other plumbers had missed. Their use of thermal imaging and acoustic leak detection tools set them apart from other companies in the area. What impressed me the most was their commitment to resolving the issue without causing unnecessary damage, while other companies suggested tearing apart my ceiling. Their services are not only effective but also affordable.They are a reliable and trustworthy company that goes above and beyond to solve plumbing problems. Thank you, MML Plumbing, for your expertise and exceptional service. I will definitely turn to you for any future plumbing needs. Hollie xxx
specialist leak detection company using a thermal image camera to locate a central heating leak

Expert Leak Investigation for Commercial Sites

Commercial leak detection
We can offer water leak detection solutions for commercial buildings. In commercial buildings typically we encounter waste pipe leaks that cause significant damage over a few weeks. The other common water leaks are underneath the concrete slab. We use an acoustic device to find leaks in concrete floors.

Experience and Expertise: We working for almost two decades in the plumbing industry, MML Plumbing has developed extensive expertise in commercial leak detection.
Advanced Technology: We utilize advanced equipment and techniques, ensuring accurate results for commercial sites.

Minimize Disruption: Our precise leak detection company helps minimize disruption to your commercial property, saving you money in the long run.
Prompt Response: We understand the urgency of commercial leak issues. Our team deliver prompt and reliable solutions, addressing leaks and mitigating potential risks.

Trusted Reputation: MML Plumbing has built a solid reputation for delivering exceptional service and customer satisfaction in the commercial sector.

Comprehensive Solutions: Our leak detection services are tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial sites, offering comprehensive solutions to find and resolve leaks efficiently.

Expert Leak Search for Residential Properties

Residential leak detection service

Our professional team specializes in residential leak detection. From water leaks to waste pipe leaks underneath concrete slabs, we employ advanced acoustic devices to more accurately locate leaks and address these issues. Professional accurate residential leak detection for your home.

  • Expertise and Experience: Our team at MML Plumbing have honed their expertise in residential leak detection.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We employ advanced detection equipment and techniques, ensuring precise results for residential properties.
  • Limited Disturbance, Maximum Savings: Our leak detection service are designed to minimize disruption to your home, ultimately saving you money.
  • Prompt and Reliable: We understand the urgency of addressing residential leaks. Our team is responsive and dependable, promptly attending to leaks to mitigate potential risks.
  • The reputation of Trust: MML Plumbing has earned a solid reputation for delivering exceptional offers and customer satisfaction in the residential sector.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our advanced leak detection is customized to suit the unique needs of residential properties, offering comprehensive solutions to detect and resolve leaks effectively.
leak detection company searching water damaged in an underground water system

How do we detect leaks?

Our leak detection company investigation involves a series of tests.

Our leak detection engineers utilize state-of-the-art equipment, including specialized leak detection devices and cutting-edge thermal imaging leak detection. These advanced leak detection equipment enable us to accurately locate and pinpoint leaks in plumbing and central heating systems with precision.

With our commitment to utilizing the latest technology, we ensure an effective leak detection service that enables us to promptly address and resolve any issues. Furthermore, when you book our leak detection service, you can confidently rely on our advanced tools and expertise. So we can pinpoint and repair leaks with the utmost accuracy and reliability. Our gas engineers and plumbers have extensive knowledge of any heating system. Using our expertise and our leak detector our plumbers can trace the water pipe and find the location of the water leak.

Fast Response Professional Local Plumbers

Fixing Plumbing Leaks In The Local Service Area

Our team of leak detection engineers are available for emergencies to swiftly find and locate any type of leak. We utilize non-destructive trace and access methods, which are highly preferred by the insurance company. These leak detection services allow us to pinpoint the source of the leak quickly without causing unnecessary cuts into the ceiling, ensuring effective resolution of the issue. 

Our leak detection service includes:

  • Acoustic Leak Detection – Highly sensitive acoustic tests
  • Endoscope or Borescope camera
  • Infra-Red Leak Detection
  • Thermal Image Camera Leak Detection
  • Tracer dye tests leak detection
  • Moisture meters
brass radiator water leak detection

Locating central heating system leak

This a quite common leak in North London homes. With our smart leak detection equipment, we can find any leaks easily. Our engineers can trace and locate the leak in the heating system pipes that usually run underneath the floorboard. To find leaks we use an acoustic leak detection device and also a thermal imaging leak detection to trace and locate the leak. We can detect leaking underfloor heating pipes in the concrete slab and we find solutions to repair the leak.
After our expert plumber has conducted a leak investigation and located the leak, we take steps to secure the area and ensure safety. We then give you a detailed estimate that includes the duration of the repair and the cost of materials, giving you a clear understanding of the work that will be done and the associated costs.

Water Mains leak investigation

If you notice water leaks from the main pipe, that will be easy for us to find. Probably you can hear the water spraying onto the floorboard but you can’t locate it. If you have only a dripping noise somewhere inside the brick, you can call our smart leak detection expert and we might be able to fix the leak on the same day. We only need small access by drilling a small hole in the plasterboard or brick in an unseen area. This hole is around 1-2 cm wide. Through this drilled hole, we can insert our small camera.

our plumber uses an advanced leak detection systems

Gas Leak

As a Gas Safe Registered LTD with a wide-ranging familiarity with the industry, we cover North London and the surrounding areas. If you can smell gas, we consider it a top priority to assist you. In the event of a gas leak, we will attend to the property on the same day, typically within a few hours.
While you await our arrival, please take precautionary measures to turn off the supply valve, which is usually located near the gas meter.


A technician using advanced water leak detection techniques to find a water leak in a residential and commercial property

Unveiling the Power of Infrared Camera: Detecting Leaks with Precision

Thermal imaging leak detection cameras utilize advanced technology to find leaks. These cameras employ infrared light analysis to detect and visualize water leaks, making them highly effective in pinpointing hidden leaks. By capturing and analyzing thermal patterns, these cameras provide valuable insights into the source and extent of leaks. With their non-invasive approach, thermal imaging leak cameras offer precise leak detection, ensuring prompt resolution of water-related issues. Trust in the power of thermal imaging technology to safeguard your home from water leaks and address leaks effectively.

The benefit of using this camera

  • No cuts will be caused to any surface.
  • Quick and fast leak detection
  • Professional identification of hot and cold pipes behind the plasterboard, or underneath the floor.
Plumber North London | water leak detection

Locating leaks with an endoscopic camera

This is a popular choice by our engineers. When it comes to central heating leaks and leaking pipes behind tight spaces, this is the right tool.
Our engineer only has to drill a tiny hole (with your permission) into the affected area where we insert the inspection camera! We find where the leaks are coming from. The camera gives a visual inspection to our engineer, for the areas which are hard or impossible to reach.
The benefit of using our Endoscopic camera
Good for cavity walls, underneath the floor, or even the ceilings.

Clear view.
Give a clear picture of the hidden places.
We investing in the latest technology smart device on the market! We can provide the best leak detection equipment possible to our loyal, and new clients across North London.
Locating leaks has never been easier. Please take advantage of our leak repair offers. Our comprehensive detailed report will expedite your building insurance claims process.

Advanced Leak Investigation

Our day-to-day jobs

  • Water loss in Boiler pressure
  • Water leaks underneath the floor
  • Ceiling leak problems
  • Shower leak
  • Drainage pipe leak detection
  • Internal and external leak detection
  • Main water leak detection
  • Central heating system leak detection
  • Central heating pipework repair
  • Damp Investigation
Fixing plumbing leaks on the same day

Experience the Best Leak Investigation Services in Greater London, UK

When it comes to advanced leak detection, our team of professional engineers is here to provide and deliver exceptional leak detection solutions. We use smart water leak detectors like acoustic leak detection, thermal image cameras, trace gas leak detection, and endoscope leak detection, we offer cutting-edge techniques to find and repair leaks efficiently.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team and book our specialist leak detection company. As a trusted family business, we are dedicated to meeting all your requirements. We offer a fast response service that goes beyond your expectations and professional customer service!

Leak exact location


Central heating leak detector


Finding leaks in a drainage pipe


Acoustic leak detection


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