How Quickly Can A New Boiler Be Installed?

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Let’s see how quickly can a new boiler be installed

Hard to say the exact time. Boiler swaps are not the smallest jobs. Not as easy as it looks, but it is a huge responsibility to the installers. The installation depends on the old boiler and heating system design. Of course, we can always estimate the installation duration online. We installed a lot of systems in the past and our estimation accuracy online is 90%.
The installation time depends on many factors. In this topic, we dive in and write a proper description of what can you expect after you call one of our boiler installers for new boiler installations. As you will see, every central heating system has its difficulty.

Boiler installations can be as simple as:

  • a combination boiler change.
  • more time consuming like the system to combi installation.
  • it can be a conventional system conversion to a combi.

Please note, there is a big difference between the boiler replacement and conversion. Also, you have to keep in mind if we have to replace the same boiler type with a different location that takes an extra 0.5-to 1 day.
So let’s dive in. We guide you through to understand what we have to deal with and how fast can we do the boiler installation.

How long does it take to install or replace a combi boiler?

Combi boiler diagram

Combination boilers are easy to install. This is the fastest and simplest boiler installation or combi swap. Do you already have a combination boiler? Do you want to update it because it breaks down every time?
If our gas engineer only has to replace the boiler this would take about 4-6 hours.
But we speak about a simple swap, with no complication. This means that our engineer doesn’t have to change a lot of components! Also, you have good water flow at the taps (you should have if you had a combination boiler already).
Also, it is a big advantage if the previous installer run the gas mains in 22mm and not 15 mm. In some situations, we have to increase the pipe size to 22 mm that would be an extra 0.5 days. But in most cases, we don’t need to change anything.

Just to mention, if your central heating is clean and it needs only a small chemical cleaning then the whole installation will be ready the same day.
However, if your heating system is dirty you might need a system wash.

So to recap, it is possible to replace the boiler in 4-6 hours. But without any power flushing or extra radiator installation. Also, we have to fit the boiler in the same location.

To keep the boiler warranty, it is recommended by the boiler manufacturer to fit a magnetic system filter before the boiler.
Also, sometimes it is enough to carry out a system chemical wash. The chemical wash improves your heating system warranty and performance.

For a more accurate estimate go to our Quote My Job site and fill in our 2-minute form. 

Combi boilers are quite popular in every UK home. If you want to install a top-quality high-efficiency boiler, check out our Vaillant combination boiler offer.

How long it takes to convert a regular or system boiler to a combi boiler system?

To convert an old central heating system to a modern one where we use a high-efficiency combi boiler will take 2 days. This is the most time-consuming job of all the boiler installations. However, there are a few situations you have to count which can add up a few hours to the installation process.


Why the boiler upgrade is time-consuming?

In this section, we guide you through why a conventional boiler upgrade is the longest of all.
To read more about how the boilers are working in your home check out our boiler types in our installation guide.

You probably have a hot water cylinder!

As you might know, you also have a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard which supplying hot water to your bathrooms. When we convert this central heating system to a combination boiler system we have to take out the hot water cylinder.
This would take 3 hours for our heating engineer.
We need to change the pipework so they will be suitable for the hot water supply that comes from the combination boiler. We also have to cut out the motorised valves, the old pump and other components. In most of the places, the heating and hot water pipes are looking like spaghetti junctions so our engineer will have to check and mark up everything.

Do you have cold water and an F&E tank in the loft?

If yes, that we have to take out this cold water tank which supplies water to your bathrooms.

The F&E tank provides safety for central heating. It is working similar to an expansion vessel in a sealed system.
Simply when your heating system heats up, the water will expand. This excess water will go up to the F&E tank helping your system to work properly.
The F&E tank also tops up your central heating with cold water. Again we have to take out both tanks from the loft. As you can see this is a time-consuming job.

How is your pipework condition?

We need to investigate your pipework condition. In your old heating system, the pressure was probably 0.75 bar which increases to 1.2 bar after we install a new combi boiler. But when the central heating heats up, this pressure can go above 1.5 bar.

We have to make sure your pipework is in good condition. Anyway, you end up with lots of leaks under the floorboard. What we normally do is to take out all the components, we change the pipework and also we do a test between 1-3 bar. If the test success, we know that your pipework can hold 1.2 bar.

We have to access the pipework and lift some floorboards!

Our engineers taking care of your home, putting protection on the floor and the area where they working. But in some scenarios, we have to cut up some floorboards to access or change the pipework. As you see, this can also take up a few hours from our installation process.

How long does it take for us to move your boiler?

If you want to relocate the boiler to a different location this can take an extra 1.5 days. Let me explain, why! Boiler installation
The pipework needs to run safely and properly secured. To run the correct size of gas pipe, our professional engineer calculates the correct gas pipe diameter. In a few cases, the gas pipe needs to be changed to 22 mm.
We also have to drill a new flue hole for the boiler flue. This will take about 1 hour.

Do we have to replace the gas mains?

Now we can talk about this topic what everyone wants to know.
To change the old gas mains to a bigger one would take and an extra 0.5 days.
Gas safe legislation says that the gas pipe has to be at least 22mm in size.

But what about if the gas meter is close to the boiler?

In this case, we have to check the gas pressure so we can decide if your old pipe will be suitable for your new combi boiler.

Let’s give you an example:

If your gas meter is nearby to the boiler, and your cooker is in close distance, then this might work.
We have to measure the gas pressure at the meter, if this is 23 millibar then we need 22 millibars at the boiler test point. Even if we run the cooker and the boiler in the maximum performance. If the measurements are correct, we can use the old pipe.
One of our qualified engineers can carry out all the tests and explain to you what are the outcomes.

Why does a boiler upgrade take so long?

How quick can we convert an old conventional system to a combi boiler system?

We already explained the process, and how complex is a boiler change or conversion. But this particular change will take only 2 days. Please note, everything depends on the circumstances of the old central heating. Even in this scenario, we can finish the boiler installation and new system upgrade in less than 4.5 days with the benchmark filled.

If you thinking to convert your old heating system to a combi boiler ask our advice and your options. One of our qualified certified engineers will help you out.

Check out our YouTube about a boiler upgrade estimate.

Do I need chemical flushing or a system clean when installing a new boiler?

It all depends on how your central heating performs now and if there any system protection was used in the past.

How long does it take the system to clean?

It takes about 3-6 hours depends on how many radiators you have and how dirty is your central heating.

One of our heating engineers will check the system by taking a water sample.
Also, we check your system with a thermal image camera.

You don’t need a system clean in every case. Sometimes it’s enough just a smaller chemical flush.

Not all boiler manufacturer says it is mandatory the power flushing. We can help you decide whether you need central heating cleaning or not.

Call our company number at 020 8355 0840 and we will guide you through the steps.

How fast can a new boiler be installed with a few new radiators?

After we finish the boiler installation we check that everything is working safely:

  • We check if there is any leak.
  • We do a gas tightness test.
  • We carry out boiler combustion analysis.
  • We fill up the benchmark.
  • And finally, we explain to you how your new boiler and control works.

But our job is not finished here. We still have to do some paperwork in the office. We have to make sure all of the boilers that we install are registered to the manufacturer so you can have up to 10 years of part and labour cover. Also, we have to register your boiler to the gas safe.

In a nutshell:

As you could see the installation times are different for every home. But on average we can fit a new combi boiler within one day. Even if we come across some complications during the boiler upgrade, we finish the install within 4 days.

  • If you are looking for new boiler installations you can get a 90% accurate estimate by calling us at 020 8355 0840. This will take 10 minutes.
  • Or get a quote online and provide a 98% accurate estimation. Our online estimation is open 24/7. The estimate will take 2-5 minutes.
  • Get in touch with us today and we can guarantee to match your boiler installation budget at a reasonable price.

Do you need a new boiler?

Do you plan a new installation let it be combi swaps or conventional system upgrades? Call us today at 020 8355 0840 and one of our engineers will guide you through your option and we also give you an affordable and fixed price.

You can have a top-quality 30 KW Vaillant combi boiler for just £ 2888. This means the boiler is fitted within 2 days included the labour, system cleaning and your new boiler.

How much does a new boiler installation cost?

To answer this question properly we need a little information. If you want to have a new boiler to be installed, go and fill up a 2-minute Quote Your Work form with the installation details and we can give you an accurate estimate.

Here is a rough installation estimate:

  • A low-end boiler with installation, boiler (included) and system cleaning can cost you between £1500-£1950
  • Mid-range boiler with installation, boiler (included) and system cleaning can cost you between £1800- £2400
  • Premium boiler with installation, boiler (included) and system cleaning can start from £2400.

*Remember this is just a rough estimate. Prices can be lower or higher. Boiler fitted in the same location

To give you a more accurate estimate give us a call at 020 8355 0840. Answer a few technical questions and we will tell you how much the new boiler installation will be. And if you like the price, we will visit you and run some tests and give you a fixed price on your new installation.

Do you want to get the best prices on a new boiler?

If yes, you are one step closer to your new boiler. You call us at 020 8355 0840, we give you an estimate. We have the most affordable rates on the market.
Do you think that our first estimate is too high for your budget? We can give you a second estimate and walk you through what this means.

In the installation package we can change the:

  • boiler brand and type.
  • parts that we use.
  • we can use a different types of controls.
  • We will match your budget and you can have a new boiler at a reasonable price.

Contact us today and we guarantee we can fit a boiler within your budget.

Read more about the boiler installation guide

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