How much does it cost for a plumber to change a tap in London?


    If you hire a qualified plumber, you will be reassured that the sink has been installed as it should and will prevent problems due to inexperience and incompetence. Tap changing seems a relatively small job, but we can’t repeat it enough, it is not always the case. Like in everything else, when changing the tap, complications can happen, and only an expert can identify and fix it.

    1. So how much does it cost for a plumber to change a tap in London?

    Either you’re looking to get an outdoor tap installed, replacing your tap in the kitchen, or bathroom, it’s best to get an idea ahead of the installation.

    In this guide, we’ve set up the average costs in London, before you hire a plumber to install your new tap. As you might be aware, London is the most expensive part of the UK, however, there are many choices.

    You are looking at between £115– £250 when you are planning to call a plumber to install a new tap. The price can depend on many factors, such as the location and the condition of the old tap, as well as the difficulty of the work.

    Let’s break it down, how much does the tap installation will cost exactly.

    Here we give you some idea of how much will the labour cost you. ( labour only):

    • Replacing sink taps – £112.5– £250 ( some charges VAT) + Material if needed.
    • Replacing basin taps – £112.5– £250 ( some charges VAT) + Material if needed.
    • Replacing a mixer tap costs –£112.5– £250( some charges VAT) + Material if needed.
    • Replacing a bath tap– £112.5 – £250( some charges VAT) + Material if needed.
    • Replacing a kitchen tap cost –( some charges VAT) + Material if needed.

    When hiring a professional, it’s important to make sure you choose the right style for your sink or garden. If you are not sure, you can ask the professional for a visit beforehand, ( normally for smaller works like tap installation, there is no free estimate, however), but you can be 100% you will have the right-sized tap.

    Unless you have experience in this field, it’s best to hire a contractor to take care of tap installation. 

    2. Important components which affect the cost of the installation

    Even if you are looking to install an indoor kitchen tap or an outdoor garden tap the installation cost will depend on a number of factors.

     Accessing the water source

    The location of the tap and pipes are very important. This will give us an idea of the length of the installation, in order to provide you with an accurate quote.


    If the plumber you hire is not local, you might find the quote higher. By using a local you can save some money, and you are supporting local plumbers.


    Obvious, if the plumber has to provide the material, the cost will be higher.

    Congestion charge, sky-high cost parking charges

    In London, it is a big issue. If congestion charges are involved, or the overall parking cost is high, the tradesman will add them to your final bill.

    3. Different tap types, and different locations

    You know already your design, but it is important to choose a suitable tap too.

    Mixer Tap Prices

    Mixer taps are just like pillar taps with 2 separate hot and cold handles, however, the difference is they have one outlet. You can find them in both the kitchen and bathrooms.

    Monobloc Tap Prices

    It is a very popular choice nowadays. Instead of regular handles, it has only one handle you can control the temperature and the water flow.

    Garden Tap Prices

    Garden taps are found typical outside depending on the pipework, and water source.

    Pillar Bathroom Tap Prices

    Pillar taps are found in most UK bathrooms, with separate hot and cold taps. They are also can be found in the kitchen too.

    4. Sign when you need to change your tap

    What are the most common, and obvious signs:

    Your tap is dripping

    We all know, that we all ignored a dripping tap in our lives already at least once. It is however a waste of water, money and annoying to listen to.

    Hard to turn the handles

    Can be straightforward to fix with some lubricant. But sometimes it is not the case. We recommend replacing it, to avoid being permanently stuck and leaving you running water.


    This can cause by multiple issues.

    It’s best to get a qualified expert out to review this and advise you with the best solution.

    Noisy Taps

    A noisy tap is a sign that the tap has broken, or it will be broken soon.

    5. How much does it cost just to remove the tap?

    As long as you can shut the main water, and you the right tools, you can do it yourself if you like.

    To call out a plumber for this, will cost you a one hour charge, but it will be done professionally. Then he will tell you exactly what tap you need, what size, and if new pipework is needed or not.

    Tap installation – online quote

    We recommend obtaining a quote beforehand. Our quote my job feature is perfect for requesting a price for your work. MML Plumbing is your local expert if you are a North London resident.

    Our Tap installation hourly rates

    Our rates are friendly compare to our competitors in North London. Our plumbing service prices are £75/hour and that is including the VAT. – the length will depend on the complexity of the installation. The final price will depend on the factors we mentioned above. For more information on prices, check out our guide to plumber costs.

    The question plagues many homeowners

    Can I install a tap by myself as a DIY?

    As long as you have plumbing experience and you know what can go wrong, and how to fix it if it does. Make sure you have the right tools, if not you have to buy. If you have to buy, please consider calling a professional, as their tools cost more than your tap installation labour would cost.

    Do you prefer to call a professional plumber to do the tap installation for you?

    MML Plumbing Ltd is a reliable professional plumbing company, covering the North London area. With our affordable prices, you won’t be disappointed.

    From bathroom taps, standard chrome mixer tap installation, kitchen sink, bath taps, isolation valves, burst or leaking pipe to the central heating system we are here to help. We can remove your old tap, and do the waste disposal for you.

    No call-out fee and no surprises with MML Plumbing Ltd. Call us today.


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