How do you find a leak you can’t see?

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Below you can find MML Plumbing’s experts’ advice, on how to solve your water leak issues.

How can I detect water leaks in my house?

In the majority of situations, the water pipe running into the house is regulated for several reasons. When you notice a water leak you may want to make an appointment with a professional plumber, ASAP. You are right, the sooner you fix the leak, the less damage is happening in your home.

But there is a very important thing to know when a water leak occurs:

If the burst pipe or buried water line is internal you will need a professional plumber. When calling out a plumber with no special tools, you will end up either looking at the patchy wall together or ripping off the entire ceiling or wall to find anything. That isn’t wise.

We are dedicated to not doing damage to your property! That is why we are using advanced leak detection methods, which are non-destructive, and still finding the water source, and then moving forward to fixing it.

Don’t let your troubles slip! Call us on 0208 355 0840. Share a photo of the damaged area by emailing we’ll give you an estimate. 

Stop Leaks Before They Drain Your Wallet

Catching those sneaky water leaks in their tracks isn’t just a smart move; it’s a power move. Book our professional water leak detection service today, where we use the most cutting-edge leak detection methods. Don’t wait for leaks to sink your ship – book a leak detection today!

Recognising water leaks at home?

If a leaking pipe is not fixed quickly, it can damage your home and your health, since moisture can encourage mould development. However, you often do not notice visible signs of a leaking area until you have already suffered thousands of damage. Therefore, you should be vigilant about it. 

How to detect a water leak outside or in the garden?

If a water leak exists in an underground building or an outside building turn down the stop cock to keep water from entering your home and check the water meter movement. If the meter doesn’t move, the leaks may exist within a pipe inside the home. If your leak is inside, start to find hidden water patches on the wall or ceiling.

Learn to detect sneaky leaks in your home to prevent water damage

  • Monitor the water bill
  • Check the walls for discolouration or mould
  • Look out for strange water-dripping noises
  • Damp patches

Common places for water leaks

If you’re unsure whether you can spot leaks, it’s worth looking at your bathroom or kitchen. Also, the boiler can lose pressure, inside the walls the cold mains, a garden tap, a leaking toilet, a radiator, and other leaks can be found.

Leaks in the garden

It makes sense to have a beautiful lawn if the area around it looks greener (and grows quicker than the remainder) or it indicates if there is water leakage. In extreme cases, a puddle might appear below the water supply line to the ground.

Appliances and Fixtures

Ensure that the cabinets under the sink are clean when the water meter test shows leakage. You can have a small leak, or a slow leak caused by a faulty toilet tank too. You will also need to look for puddles around tubs, toilets or shower walls. If you find the puddle, disconnect your water supply valve (shut off valve) and call a plumber.

What you should do if you have a water leak inside a wall?

Call a water leak detection and repair specialist like MML PLumbers to find the source of the leak and fix it ASAP.

Make sure you are calling out a professional, with the right tools like us, to be 100% sure that your plumbing leak will be fully resolved.

We are using non-destructive tools, such as thermal imaging cameras, and endoscope cameras.

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Need some professional guidance?

We are a local plumbing company that can help you with any of your plumbing leaks – big or small. We’re here to provide you with quality service, so you can rest easy knowing your problem is being taken care of by professionals and locals.

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