How do I find a reliable local plumber?


    Find a reliable Plumber Near You. Tips for Homeowner

    Looking for a reliable plumber can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be a nightmare to find a reliable engineer! Read further and learn how to find an expert plumber near you and save yourself the hassle of dealing with unqualified handy tradesmen without public liability insurance.

    Benefits of using a reputable local plumber

    • Comprehensive understanding of the plumbing needs in the local area – local plumbers are familiar with the parking situation in the local area, and they know where to find every merchant.
    • Plumbers can give you same-day appointments and quick service – booking a local plumber mean they can come out quicker rather than keep you waiting for days or weeks.
    • Useful and valuable, honest advice – an expert plumber can fix and provide helpful tips and advice on how to prevent the problem from happening again, and help you to understand your system to use it better.
    • Supporting the local plumbing business – By using a local plumber you help family-run hard-working professionals to provide a professional service for you and build a long term and reliable relationship.

    Plumber, Heating Engineer or Gas engineer?

    Do you know what is the difference between a gas engineer, plumber or heating engineer?

    There is a huge difference. Plumbers are working on water-related works, such as pipes, taps, toilets, water pipes, leaks etc. Plumbers can be however heating engineers if they completed specific training to became heating professionals. This cost money, so, not all plumber wants to become professional heating engineers.

    The heating engineer is competent to work on anything which involves heating. Such as radiator, heating system, hot water cylinder etc. They are the ones competent to install a radiator for your, or radiator repair, as well as carrying out hot water cylinder installation.

    All heating engineers served as an apprentice and completed all the specific training. Also, they have to be Gas Safe Register, so they can work on gas appliances and heating systems. Everyone who is working on a boiler needs to understand how the heating system is working. In other European countries, it takes 4 years to become a plumber, heating and gas engineer. In the UK this takes much less but is more expensive to become one.

    How to Find a Local Plumber You Can Trust

    1. Search on google

    Google is your best friend. When you type in ”Plumber near me” you will see all the results for the companies near you. Make sure you choose a local company, over the google donating leak generation commercial website, you know from TV, radio or newspaper advertisement. You will see their real reviews on their Google My Business page, so you can compare. You can also lead to their websites, so you can find out their prices beforehand. The company’s reputation often speaks for itself, and you can’t just ignore other people’s opinions.

    2. Another tradesperson opinion

    Have you had any work done by a carpenter or an electrician? Are you happy with their work? If they do quality work they might know a plumber who is also working on a high standard. Ask recommendation from them about a good plumber.

    3. Ask a family member

    The best source of recommendation regarding a plumber is to ask your neighbours or family member. Probably they had the same issues in their home and they can recommend someone who fixed the issue. Word of mouth is a good and trusted source of information.

    4. Search online, check reviews and company information

    Searching through all the directories and review pages avoid hiring a cowboy builder. A company with at least 10 reviews is a good start to hire.

    • – Rating page, and whoever has a limited company, they are on it, unless they are self-employed, or handyman. They normally do not invest in online appearances.
    • – plumbing installation and repair providers in your local area.

    Don’t forget to search the third and fourth pages on google. If someone is on the first page doesn’t mean they provide good service. Whoever is on the first pages can be a good company what you can choose with a high review count. Or can be a newly opened company that paid a fair price to be on the first page.

    5. Read all the reviews about the company

    • The more advertisement you hear about a company the more you think you can trust them because they do better work at a realistic price. If they do so much advertisement they have a high price too. This is all about branding not about plumbing service. The best and most honest way is to check the company’s website. It is important to look for authenticity and honesty, so you better check their reviews on Google, rather than third party pages.

    6. Compare rates on their website, or call them

    With any service, you choose it is better to have at least two quotes so you can compare the prices and what they can offer for that service, or what are the differences. Might be the other company is more expensive but offer more service for the same price.

    What else to ask or look for?

    • Check if the plumber has Public Liability Insurance?
    • Is the business is registered and still active?
    • What is the warranty?
    • Do they offer fixed prices or do they change hourly rates?
    • Does the plumber have professional tools or does he needs to hire?
    • Are there any hidden costs?

    A good expert will:

    • Understands your frustration and know you need a quick and permanent fix.
    • Be patient, friendly, tidy, qualified and professional.
    • Will explain what he needs to improve or change to finish the work to the highest standard.
    • Clearly explain how the price forms and what does it include.

    Does the work that the plumber does will affect your health? Does the plumber drill in the walls and there is asbestos can be found. It is better to have an extra inspection from an asbestos company. Saving money is not always with it.

    7. Public Liability Insurance

    Last but not least. One of the most important covers you can have as a tradesman. Anything can go wrong with these old systems. Do not forget that the houses in London are built many decades ago, and most of their system are never been changed or touched.

    As a self-employed, it is not a legal requirement, but for a limited company, it is mandatory to have insurance cover while working. How does it sound? Have you ever questioned the tradesman when they changed your toilet or replaced your tap if their work is covered?

    Do you live in North London, and still looking for a local firm?

    You just found one. We are MML Plumbing Ltd a local family run business, been in the industry for over 15 years. Started as everyone else, working for someone, getting a lot of experience, learning London’s plumbing needs, at residential needs, as well as commercial. By opening our own business, we are learning something new, something hard but happy to give back the lot of help we are received from our community.

    Our qualifications are to the highest standard, and not just that but are covered by a £2 million worth Public Liability Insurance while working in your property.

    As described above, you can find us online, and you can find honest reviews, from our lovely customers.

    Also important to mention we provide Plumbing – Heating and Gas services, therefore we are trusted by the local gas safe authority.

    We can offer you quality and insured plumbing repairs, reliable plumbers. We also have qualified gas safe registered to work on your central heating systems, as well as perform a high standard boiler installation. A professional plumber may cost more than a local DIY, but to know your plumbing jobs are done safely is worth every penny. Looking for local plumbing companies? Do not look any further.

    Need help? Hire North London Plumbing Service experts today by giving us a call on 0208355 0840


    How do I find a reliable local plumber?

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