Hot Water Cylinder Services

No hot water in your property? We all know…

It is recommended that you have an annual hot water cylinder service to ensure safety and to prevent huge repair bills. If you have a boiler too, then we highly recommend getting the boiler and cylinder serviced at the same time by our gas safe registered engineer.

Our plumbers do it all: Hot Water cylinder maintenance, commissioning, hot water cylinder installations, System upgrade in North, West, East and City of London.

Just to mention a few hot water cylinder faults like:


-you have no pressure in the hot water cylinder.

-you run out of water or you have no hot water at all.

-immersion heaters are faulty.

-airlocks in the cylinder.

-hot or cold water dripping in to the tundish.

-and also issues in the wiring box.


What we do

  • There are many different types of cylinder services so it’s always worth checking what you’re getting from our plumbers.
  • A cylinder service is a visual inspection and does not require the stripping down or dismantling of the cylinder.
  • We test the expansion relief valve functions correctly.
  • Leak checks.
  • We test the temperature.
  • Check the water pressure.
  • Top up the pressure of expansion vessel where necessary.
  • Check for any visual corrosion or damages.
  • Check electrical bonding and connection to earth.


For more information:

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Jobs we cover:

  • Hot Water cylinder maintenance
  • Hot Water cylinder commissioning
  • Hot Water cylinder installs
  • System upgrade
  • Hot water problems
  • Installation
  • Fault finding
  • Immersion heaters
  • Airlocks in cylinder
  • Replacing or relocating cylinder
  • Thermostat/ valve problem
  • Water Leaks
  • Hot or cold water dripping in to the tundish
  • Not enough pressure
  • No hot water
  • No water in cylinder

Annual service

Full Vented System annual service  only will last about 2 hours.

Our plumber will carry out an annual service, which takes about 2 hours.

The annual service for unvented water heaters includes testing safety valves, recharging pressure vessels, cleaning the pressure reduction valve, checking electrical connections and the end of the test, we will provide a Service Certificate.

Annual maintenance will help to keep the water heater safe, in-line with the requirements of the G3 Building Regulations relating to hot water systems.

It is important to carry out a safety check by a qualified plumber at least once every year. A badly installed hot water cylinder or lack of maintenance could be very dangerous.

Risks associated with unvented systems

Unvented water heaters are safe to use, if installed and maintained correctly through an annual service. They incorporate three levels of safety:

  1. The thermostats that prevent the water being heated above 60 – 65 C°.
  2. High level cut-outs that operate when water reaches 80 – 85 C° because the thermostat has failed.
  3. Temperature relief valve, which operates if both of the other safety features fail and the water reaches 90 – 95°.

In addition unvented water systems also incorporate a pressure relief valve, which operates at 6 – 7 bar.

If these safety features are missing or have become faulty, then there is a risk for the water will overheat and pressure will build up in the tank, this can have a very dangerous outcome.

The following tasks will be completed by the plumber during the annual service:

  • Expansion relief valve testing.
  • Pressure and temperature relief valve testing.
  • Draining the storage tank if needed.
  • Line strainer cleaning and checking the combination valve.
  • Checking the pressure in the expansion vessel.
  • We top up the pressure in the expansion vessel.
  • Checking if you have visible leaks.
  • We testing the immersion heater and thermostat function.
  • We check the immersion heater resistance.
  • The plumber will record the service and provide details about the checks in writing or via e-mail.

Note: The replacement of sacrificial anodes is not included in an annual service. If the sacrificial anodes do need to be replaced, this will be quoted for separately. The majority of water heaters does not have sacrificial anodes.

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