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Are you tired of weak pressure turning your showers into a lacklustre experience? Say goodbye to frustration and hello to rejuvenation with our ultimate guide to gravity-fed shower mixing valves.

In this concise yet comprehensive blog, we’ll cover:

  1. Understanding Gravity-Fed Systems: We’ll break down how gravity-fed systems work and why they can lead to low water pressure in your shower.
  2. The Power of Gravity-Fed Mixer Showers: Discover how these showers specifically designed for gravity systems can be your saving grace.
  3. Benefits of the Showers: Explore the advantages of these showers compared to other options, like electric showers.
  4. Choosing the Right Mixer Shower: Learn key factors to consider when selecting the perfect mixer shower for your needs and existing plumbing.
  5. Installation Tips: Get helpful pointers for a smooth installation process, maximizing the work of your new mixer shower.
  6. Bonus: Optimizing Shower Power: We’ll share additional tips and tricks to further enhance your shower experience even with a gravity system.

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Identifying Low Water Pressure Issues

The most obvious clue is that your showerhead delivers a weak, underwhelming stream instead of a powerful spray.

Filling your bathtub takes significantly longer than usual, indicating a general lack of water flow.

Low force affects other faucets in your home, not just the shower.

Difficulty maintaining a consistent shower temperature due to fluctuating water flows.

Unusual sounds from your showerhead could indicate restricted water flow.

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Understanding gravity-fed system


In this system, your hot water is stored in a hot water tank located higher than your showerhead. This tank relies on gravity to push the water down to your fixtures. While simple, this design can struggle to provide strong pressure, especially in higher stories of a home. The system uses gravity to mix hot and cold from tanks to the shower head.

How Gravity Systems Work

Water flows from the hot water cylinder and cold water tank to the mixer shower through pipes. The mixer shower uses thermostatic temperature control to create the perfect shower temperature.


The Power of Gravity-Fed Systems:

A game-changer for low-force woes. 90% of the households in London, customers are struggling with low water pressure. No matter what they do, even if they install a power pump, most of the time, it isn’t a resolution. Unlike traditional mixers, these models are specifically designed to work effectively with the limitations of gravity systems.

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Benefits of the system:

They stand out for their unparalleled work and convenience, unlike traditional showers that rely solely on gravity for water pressure and combine hot and cold water sources to deliver a consistent and invigorating flow. This unique design not only ensures a satisfying shower experience but also allows for precise temperature control, eliminating the need for constant adjustments. Customers can finally enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and efficiency.


  • Improved Pressures: They combine hot and cold water sources, resulting in a strong ger and more consistent flow compared to traditional showers.
  • Precise Temperature Control: With separate controls for hot and cold water, mixers allow users to adjust the temperature to their preference, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable shower experience every time.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The ability to maintain a steady water temperature throughout the shower eliminates sudden temperature fluctuations, providing a more relaxing and luxurious bathing experience.
  • Energy Efficiency: Help conserve energy by allowing customers to quickly achieve their desired water temperature, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.
  • Versatility: Come in various styles and designs to suit different preferences and bathroom aesthetics, offering homeowners flexibility in choosing the perfect shower solution for their space.
  • Easy Installation: Many of them are designed for straightforward installation, making them a convenient choice for both new construction projects and bathroom renovations.
  • Longevity: Shower mixing valves are built to last, with durable components that withstand daily use and maintain their performance over time, providing long-term value for homeowners.
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Choosing the Right Mixer Shower:

When selecting a mixer shower, consider these factors:

  1. Minimum Operating Flow: Ensure the chosen shower operates efficiently at the water force available in your home.
  2. Shower Head Size: Opt for a smaller showerhead, as a larger one can further reduce the flow of the water.
  3. Compatibility: Check compatibility with your existing plumbing system and pipework.
  4. Desired Features: Consider features like thermostatic temperature control or a handheld sprayer for added convenience.

Pro Tips:

Clean Showerhead: Regularly remove mineral buildup from your showerhead to maintain optimal water flow.

Identifying Low Water Pressure Issues

Conventional heating system installation diagram

The most obvious clue is that your showerhead delivers a weak, underwhelming stream instead of a powerful spray.

Filling your bathtub takes significantly longer than usual, indicating a general lack of water flow.

Low force affects other faucets in your home, not just the shower.

Difficulty maintaining a consistent shower temperature due to fluctuating water flows.

Unusual sounds from your showerhead could indicate restricted water flow.

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Installation and Maintenance of Gravity Fed Mixer Showers

While shower mixing valves offer a powerful solution for low water pressure in gravity-fed shower systems, their installation requires specific expertise. Ensuring proper connection to your existing plumbing, optimizing performance for your water pressure, and complying with regulations are crucial. To guarantee a smooth installation and long-lasting shower experience, it’s highly recommended to enlist the help of a qualified plumber. They’ll ensure your mixer shower is installed flawlessly, maximizing its effectiveness and minimizing any future headaches.

Hot Water Cylinder and Cold Water Tank Requirements

A minimum of 220 litres is recommended for the cold water tank. The hot water cylinder should be sufficient to supply hot water to the mixer shower.

Gravity-Pumped Thermostatic Mixer Shower Installation Considerations

The mixer shower should be installed with a pump to increase performance. The shower head should be at least 1 meter (3 feet) below the water level in the header tank.

Maintenance Tips for Optimal Functioning

Regularly clean the shower head to prevent limescale buildup. Check the water supply from the hot water cylinder and cold water tank.

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Yes! They are specifically designed to work effectively with low-water pressure systems.

For low water pressure, a gravity-fed system pairs well with mixer showers, with a built-in booster pump typically. ( you can also buy a special shower head in addition)

Yes! Many mixers offer thermostatic temperature control. This feature ensures consistent and comfortable shower temperatures, even with lower ones. To ensure optimal water temperature and flow rate throughout the house, consider installing a thermostatic mixing valve, supported by pumps to mitigate airlocks in the loft, and suitable for all taps and hoses. This upgrade can save you from costly errors and potential replacements, making it an ideal solution for a smooth plumbing job.

While generally a great option, there are a few potential downsides to mixers:

  • Installation complexity: Compared to some electric showers, mixer showers might require a slightly more complex installation process.
  • Reliance on existing hot water: Mixers depend on the temperature of the pre-heated water in your hot water tank.

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