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Looking to upgrade your kitchen with a new hob? Our professional gas fitters are here to make the installation process seamless and hassle-free. With their expertise, you can expect a safe and efficient installation in no time. Don’t wait any longer, book our services today and enjoy. Contact our team of skilled gas fitters now to get started.

we are gas safe registered

Gas hob installation prices

Prices start from £110

Fixed Price

We offer gas-safe installations followed by thorough gas testing to ensure safety and compliance

We strive to provide same-day service to ensure we are with you as quickly as possible.

Our services don’t include electric hob installations.

Why is it necessary to hire a gas-safe engineer to install a gas hob?

When it comes to hob installs, it is crucial to hire a gas-safe professional. They possess the essential qualifications, training, and expertise needed to handle appliances safely. By engaging their services, you can ensure proper installation, and adherence to regulations, and minimize the fire risk because of gas leaks or other potential hazards that could jeopardize the safety of your home and those residing in it.

Our Gas Hob installation service includes:

Professional Assessment: Our experienced technicians will assess your existing one for specific requirements and provide expert advice on the most suitable approach for your new one.

Gas Safe Compliance: We ensure that all installations adhere to Gas Safe regulations, guaranteeing the highest standards of gas safety, and compliance.

Secure Connections: Our skilled engineers will carefully connect the gas supply to your oven and hob, ensuring proper sealing and tight connections to prevent gas leaks.

Testing: We conduct thorough testing of the installs to verify their safety and performance. Upon completion, we can provide the necessary certification for your records if you require it. For as little as £45 additionally.

Operational Guidance.

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Get a free plumbing quote today and take the first step toward resolving your plumbing needs. Reach out now to discover how we can assist you with top-notch plumbing services at competitive rates.

Bosch gas hob

Gas appliance installation certificate – CP12 or Homeowner certificate

Professional Assessment: Our experienced technicians will assess your existing cooker for specific requirements and provide expert advice on the most suitable installation approach for your gas coMML Plumbing Ltd can provide a comprehensive Gas Installation Certificate upon the successful completion of the appliance installations, for £45 additionally. This certificate serves as official documentation that verifies your appliance’s proper installs and compliance with safety regulations called CP12 or Homeowner certificate.

What’s not included in this service?
Electric hob installations
CP12 or Homeowner certificate (gas certificate has to be purchased separately)
Gas Cooker installation
Hob itself. (It can be if initially agreed)

What Our Customers Say

Claudine de Montule
Claudine de Montule
Great and efficient boiler service, fixed price so no surprises. Very professional
Danuta Miloszewski
Danuta Miloszewski
Used MML Plumbing for the first time today. Administrator in office was easy to deal with, efficient and helpful. Plumber arrived on time as arranged, fixed the problem and explained what he had done. Quick, tidy and courteous worker. What I also especially liked was that I was given an actual confirmed time when he would arrive and not one of those two or three-hour 'window slots'!
Charles V
Charles V
MML Plumbing successfully completed the installation of our heating system in our expansive 8-bedroom residence. The placement of the boiler and cylinder was expertly executed in the basement. They meticulously laid new piping throughout the house to facilitate radiators and hot/cold water faucets. The recent commissioning of the system has resulted in its exceptional functionality. Their impeccable organization and absence of any delays were notable. We definitely plan to engage their services again in the future.
Roger Packham
Roger Packham
MML were extremely responsive and accomodating through out. They understood my needs and were solution focused through out the job. I found them so easy to work with and would definitely use them again. Thank you MML.
Agnes Meszaros
Agnes Meszaros
Fast, professional, high quality service at a very reasonable price. I’m really glad I found them.
Henry Smith
Henry Smith
In North London, it can be hard to find a company that you can trust and provide quality work. We called MML Plumbing to install a system boiler and a hot water cylinder. The installation was done in a few days, and now everything is fine. They left the area very clean. I highly recommend them.
Andrew Healey
Andrew Healey
I had a shower replaced. A great job, very satisfied with the work. Levi was friendly, helpful and efficient.
Jatin Modi
Jatin Modi
I have been a landlord for 15 years and used many labour staff in my years. I started to use MML 6months back and now used them 5 times: 1) They are always on time 2) They are respectful 3) I trust their quotes - they do not "make up work" 4) They communicate well on both email and text 5) They are very organised and polite I have dealt with so much domestic help over the years so i know the benchmark - MML are way above Jay (Camden)
MML fitted a shower. Good price, courteous and thorough communication and excellent standard of work. I will call them again if I have plumbing related work
Hollie Davies-Smith
Hollie Davies-Smith
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I am thrilled to leave a 5-star review for MML Plumbing's advanced leak detection services. They were able to find a leak that three other plumbers had missed. Their use of thermal imaging and acoustic leak detection tools set them apart from other companies in the area. What impressed me the most was their commitment to resolving the issue without causing unnecessary damage, while other companies suggested tearing apart my ceiling. Their services are not only effective but also affordable.They are a reliable and trustworthy company that goes above and beyond to solve plumbing problems. Thank you, MML Plumbing, for your expertise and exceptional service. I will definitely turn to you for any future plumbing needs. Hollie xxx

Why Us? Benefits of using MML Plumbing Ltd. – Gas-safe registered engineer

Choose MML Plumbing Ltd. for your work and benefit from our expertise, gas-safe registration, compliance with regulations, professional service, high-quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and comprehensive range of plumbing services. Trust us to make your gas cooker or hob setup hassle-free and deliver outstanding results.

Are you planning to buy a new gas hob? Our engineers can give you advice on what to buy.

new gas hob

Here Is What We Can Offer You, Other Than Friendly Prices!

We deliver quality for our customers, we have zero tolerance for mistakes.

To ensure a smooth, easy-going installation for you, we will make sure to reach out to you before the setup.

We will make sure everything will go as planned in your home. We will gladly remove your old unit, and install a new appliance at an affordable price within a few hours!

When we install the appliance ( with a gas supply) in a customer’s home in North London, we always make sure to test the connection before and after installing the fitting. (to avoid a potential gas leak)

gas hob installation


The current “Hot Zone” in your home must be clear of any switches and any inflammable objects, such as heating pads, wallpaper and cupboards. There must be a break that is a minimum of 75 cm separating the hob and the cooker hood or ceiling. When we place our follow-up call, we will inquire about your zone over the phone. Please note it is mandatory to always keep clear of the hot zone. If this is not free, we still can install your hob until is safe, we just have to mention to you what needs to be changed in the future.

Just like with all gas appliances (in the case of the hob), the kitchen must have direct ventilation to an outside area. Our gas engineer will check the kitchen size and advise you if you need any extra space for ventilation. In 99% of the homes, the minimum ventilation requirement is correct. Contact us if you need more information about what this means, we’ll be happy to discuss it with you!

Can we have access to the gas meter? Please make sure we have clear access to the meter so we can do our mandatory testing.

Getting Ready for the Installation

We check the pipework condition and carry out a gas tightness inspection.

We verify the hob width. Luckily most hobs have a standard size so it will be the right fit for a replacement. That being said, most customers may have to select a hob with a width suitable for the spot where the old hob part will be placed.

We check the hot zones and ventilation requirements.

We install the appliance up to the newest building regulations.

We check and commission the device’s safety functions and electrical connections.

The final step will be the gas tightness test and safety function check again.

Planning to replace your gas hob? Give us a call at 020 8355 0840 and book your installer today.

Gas Safe Engineers

Gas Hob Installation Services

Say goodbye to your outdated electric hob and say hello to an upgrade! Elevate your cooking game with our top-tier gas hob installation services, delivered by a team of gas engineers. Get ready for a tasty adventure as we turn your kitchen into the perfect place for foodies.

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