Can a boiler be installed in a bedroom?

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The short answer is YES, but you have to follow a few health and safety regulations and installation requirements.

Let’s start with the regulation:

Regulations to fit the boilers in the bedroom:

  • The new boiler needs to be room sealed so no harmful fumes will enter the room.
  • The gas boiler needs clearances around for future maintenance and service.
  • Also, the fresh air needs to circulate around the boiler for cooling purposes. Check and follow the installation manual for boiler clearances.
  • Check what is the maximum flue distance you can run (in the boiler installation manual) and think about the flue minimum clearances from windows, doors and burning materials.
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm close to the boiler, following the installation manual.

Regulations to follow

In Gas Safety Regulations 1998, they pointed out that you CAN NOT install a larger than 14kw gas boiler in the bedroom unless it is room sealed. This is mandatory-you have to keep in mind.

Gas appliances that are not room sealed need to fit with a device (like an automatic flue damper) that will turn of the gas supply before the dangerous fumes are build up in your room. This automatic flue damper needs to be interlocked with the gas supply, which means if the flue damper fails to open the burner won’t operate.

Why do you need to install a room sealed boiler in a bedroom?

Boilers need an adequate supply of fresh air to burn the gas correctly. Also, the fan needs to operate properly which will take out the byproduct of combustion from the boiler.

An open flue gas boiler will take the fresh air from the room to supply the boiler and the fan will push outside the byproduct. If in any case, the gas boiler fails to push out the byproduct of combustion, this will come back to the room. This is why you need safety devices, so in an emergency like this, the gas supply will be shut so the boiler can not burn gas anymore.

Modern room sealed boilers have a balanced flue. This means that the fresh air for the boiler comes from outside and the fumes will be pushed outside by the fan.

Doesn’t matter what boiler type you have, in any boilers parts can fail so we advise you to use a carbon monoxide alarm close to the boiler. This alarm system needs to be fitted at least 300mm from walls or light fittings and 1-3 m from the appliance. The ceiling is the best position you can fit the device.

Things to consider before installing a boiler:

The main thing you have to be in mind is safety. Having a gas appliance in the bedroom have some risk factors. Nowadays all new boilers are room sealed, so if you would like to install your new gas boiler in the bedroom, you can do it, but you have to consider a few things before the installation.


Keep in mind that there is no such thing as quiet boilers. Even modern boilers are noisy sometimes. We not talking about loud noise, we think about the boiler will light, turn on the heating, producing heating and hot water. If you are a bad sleeper and the boiler is next to you, this will be a problem.

Most people will install the boiler in the cupboard. If you do so, don’t forget the clearances around the boiler.

Also, we have to mention if you will have some faults in the boiler, this will be quite noisy.


Modern boilers are compact, but you still need to take away some space from the bedroom for the pipework and the minimum clearances around the boiler for air circulation purposes.

And if you fit a system boiler with a hot water cylinder that needs three times more space than a combi boiler.

In our opinion, if you can choose, fit the boiler in the airing cupboard kitchen or utility room.


It is normal if the gas boiler is slightly hot when you touch it because it will produce heating and hot water and for this, the boiler needs to heat the water. But in the summer this can be an issue, especially if you have a small room. In this case, you can box in the boiler and put proper fireproof isolation around it.

But if you find out, that the boiler case is very hot, then you might have an issue. That is the time when you need to call a gas safe registered company like MML Plumbing Ltd to investigate the issues.

Carbon monoxide

This highly poisonous odourless gas can be produced by any faulty gas appliance. A faulty boiler can leak carbon monoxide in your bedroom, which is fatal if it’s bred in.

You can prevent this by regular boiler maintenance and yearly service which should be mandatory. And also use a carbon monoxide detector close to the boiler.

If you want to book a gas safe registered engineer for your yearly boiler service and safety check call MML Plumbing ltd at 020 8355 0840. Our service prices are fixed and affordable.

Places you can install a boiler

If you will change your mind and you don’t want to install the gas boiler in your bedroom, here are the areas in the house which is safe to fit a boiler:

  • In the Loft
  • In the Utility room
  • In the Bathroom
  • In the garage or shed
  • In the Kitchen

Can you Hide your boiler?

You can build a hidden box for the gas boiler until you follow the minimum requirements:

  • Follow the manufacturer requirements regarding the boiler clearances.
  • Leave enough ventilation for cooling purposes.
  • Leave enough room for future maintenance and service from the bottom, top and both sides.
  • The box that you build needs to meet fire safety standards. Use fireproof materials.
  • Make sure that everyone in the house knows where the boiler located and don’t block the ventilation. Put a label on the door so everyone knows they cant block the ventilation.

In a nutshell, you can install a boiler in a bedroom until it meets the minimum safety requirements.

Always use a gas safe registered engineer for the installation. Contact us today at 020 8355 0840 to give you more information about boiler installations.


Is it safe to sleep next to the boiler?

Yes, you can sleep safely next to the boiler until the installation was done up to the gas regulations and you choose the right boiler. This means the boiler is room sealed and the gas safe engineer installed a carbon monoxide detector.

Are boiler fumes dangerous?

Boiler fumes are harmless. But if your flue is blocked these build up fumes can enter your room and if you breed in you can have carbon monoxide poisoning.

How do you know if your boiler is leaking carbon monoxide?

Dark staining around the gas appliance and boiler seal or stuttering pilot light can be a sign of carbon monoxide leaks.

Is it legal to have a boiler in a bedroom?

No, it is NOT illegal to install a boiler in the bedroom until it’s room sealed.

Open flue boilers need to be fitted with a safety device that will turn off the gas supply before a dangerous level of fumes will build up in the room.

Is it safe to have a boiler in the bedroom?

We know that the biggest safety concern is carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in your bedroom. Also, you need to have an annual boiler service carried out by a gas engineer.

When DO NOT install a boiler in the bedroom?

Under the Gas Safety Regulations 1998 here are the reason when you cant install the boiler in the bedroom:

  • If the boiler is open flued which is over 14 kW
  • You can only install a room sealed boiler in the bedroom.

If you need any more help with boiler installation, learn more about our North London boiler installation service.

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