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Annual boiler services are a necessity of any home. It can be difficult to know when it’s time for boiler service, but there are some warning signs that you should look out for. For example, if the combi boiler starts making strange noises or seems to run differently than normal then it may need servicing.
A broken heating system is also a good reason to call for repair and maintenance services. A faulty heating system will not provide enough heat in your home during the winter months which can lead to higher bills and uncomfortable living space.
It is extremely important to service your boiler at least once a year. If you don’t, you may end up with costly repairs that can be avoided. Annual Boiler Service improves boiler performance and extends boiler warranty. A professional gas safe engineer can also identify any potential problems early on.
Book an annual boiler service with our reliable boiler experts in North London and get your gas boiler serviced before the winter sets in to ensure it’s running smoothly.

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Our annual boiler service includes:

Our team is highly trained, and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to make sure your boiler is running in tip-top shape. Think of us as an annual service plan for your home’s heating system!

These are the steps we carry out on a boiler service:

  • Visual check for any sign of spillage.
  • Flue inspection and termination – flue joints have to be visible for inspection.
  • If it’s necessary we clean the burner, heat exchanger, injector and combustion chamber.
  • Checking the seal integrity
  • We check the boiler safety operation.
  • We test the boiler operation in heating and hot water mode
  • We top up the pressure in the system.
  • We carry out a gas rating test on the boiler to check the correct operation
  • After the gas rating test, we can confirm that your boiler is up to safety standards. We also take note of any issues.
  • We check the minimum gas pressure.
  • We carry out a combustion analysis on the boiler to check the safe operation. This is the most important part of our boiler service.
  • We check the flue integrity.
  • We clean your condense trap and magnetic filter.
  • We check the radiators with a thermal imaging camera, bleed out the air and check the operation of the thermostatic valve.
  • The final test will be a gas tightness test, so we can ensure all the joint are gas-tight and there is no gas leak.
  • We check any other appliance that is on your property.
  • We also give you advice on how you can improve the heating system efficiency.
  • We fill up your benchmark in the boiler manual which shows that the boiler safety checks was carried out by a qualified gas safe engineer. If you ever have to claim a warranty on your boiler you have the details that you maintained your boiler every year to a high standard.

Why do you need to service your boiler annually?

The more you maintain your boiler, the longer its life will be. And we all know that safety is a top priority for everyone. Make sure to get your appliance checked out by an experienced boiler expert who can identify any potential issues before they become serious hazards!

Boiler performance

You want to be comfortable in the cold and have a warm home without paying through the nose. You can achieve this by regularly servicing your boiler by our boiler experts. A well-maintained system will provide you with comfort during colder months while also saving on energy costs throughout the year-round.


Any major boiler fault can put lives at risk. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Make sure you install a carbon monoxide alarm close to the boiler and maintain your appliances regularly.

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Longer boiler life

Annual boiler servicing will increase the appliance performance and also our boiler engineers can discover minor boiler problem. By cleaning out the heat exchanger and burner will increase the boiler performance and save you money on entry bills in the long run.

Keep the warranty

To keep your boiler warranty all manufacturers recommend annual servicing. Get your boiler serviced annually by our registered gas safe engineer and you can make a claim to the manufacturer when needed. Your gas appliance warranty will be void without a yearly boiler service. If you need to make an insurance claim, this is the only way to go about it!

Legal requirements for landlords

The boiler's functioning is a key component of the rental property. By the law, it is the landlord responsibility to book our boiler experts for boiler servicing. The boiler should be serviced annually to ensure that it operates at peak performance and safety standards.

Difference between boiler repair & boiler service

During the boiler service, our expert gas safe engineers will carry out a series of tests making sure the appliance is working safely and efficiently. If the engineer will find some issues he can fix them on the same day. Also, this service is much cheaper than the repair. Our gas engineer has to carry out the boiler service to prevent the need for boiler breakdowns in the future.

On the other hand, the boiler repair service is about fixing major faults, leaks. As everyone knows boiler parts are expensive so a boiler repair will cost you more in labour and materials.

The difference between gas safety check & boiler service

Gas safety checks involve all the gas appliances inspection. The engineer will check every single appliance in your home and point out any faults that he will come across, which ensure you are safe from potential disaster.

During the boiler service, our boiler engineers will inspect only the gas boiler performance and safety. If there are any problems with it, then you can expect them to repair it for you if you go future with the repair. Our boiler experts also check how the central heating system operation. Our engineer is making sure they leave the appliances in a safe working operation.

North London Gas Boiler Servicing

We are a team of experts that have been working in the industry for many years, and we enjoy providing high-quality plumbing, gas and heating services to homeowners. We work with a wide variety of clients in North London as well as surrounding areas – so if you live nearby and need help and more information with your gas boiler service, give us a call at 020 8355 0840 so we can take care of your boiler safe operation.

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Emily Harper
Emily Harper
MML Plumbing were really efficient, turned when he said he would, gave an accurate quote and did the job on time with no mess. I would definitely recommend them!
Heidi Southall
Heidi Southall
I called MML Plumbing to investigate a boiler fault and they were very helpful and quick to respond. The engineer, Mike, arrived earlier than expected and was friendly and professional. He thoroughly explored the problem(s) and fixed what he could. Unfortunately, it is a problem that the manufacturer will have to deal with (due to availability of parts). Mike was very honest about this and, here is the amazing part, he did not charge me today as he couldn’t fully resolve the issue! Am so impressed and would not hesitate to call this family business out again.
WH Acting
WH Acting
MML Plumbing did an excellent job. The engineer was very thorough with the safety checks, boiler service and Gas Safe certification of two properties he worked at for me. Very good value for money, very good service. Admin staff were courteous and friendly over phone and email and we very prompt with sending all paperwork and copies of photographs to me. Highly recommended!
Katrina Perez
Katrina Perez
This is the third time I have used MML plumbing. They are by far the most helpful and efficient plumbers I have used. They have installed a boiler, replaired radiators, replaired and shower and toilet for me - all work is to a high standard and every repair explained in full. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Laurent VT
Laurent VT
Fantastic service! Our boiler stopped working unexpectedly. MML Plumbing came quickly, diagnosed the problem and resolved it immediately to make sure we weren’t without radiators for too long. Very impressed with the expertise, friendliness and communication. They also gave us tips for maintenance. Highly recommended!
Jill J
Jill J
Replacement of fill valve. Efficient, professional and pleasant plumber.
Preeti P Greene
Preeti P Greene
Absolutely amazing company! Installed a new sink and helped with repairs for a Harley Street Clinic. Very polite, on time, safe, exceptional standard of work. Providing a service well above our expectations. Highly recommend Levi and Szilvia! Thank you.
Simon Preece
Simon Preece
Responsive, professional and friendly service . Diagnosed and replaced two taps , fixed a slow radiator leak and a slow refilling toilet. All jobs carried out to a high standard and reasonably priced. Would recommend ...
Zsanett Angyal-Fekete
Zsanett Angyal-Fekete
Professional, quick, helpful, reliable, effective communication. I will choose their service more times.

Why choose us?

We at MML Plumbing Ltd are a professional company with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We have an experienced team of plumbers and gas safe engineers and boiler experts who know how to work on a high standard, which is why we can provide you quality service for your home or business North London area.

Here are a few reasons you might decide to work with us:

  • Knowledgeable and friendly office support.
  • Reliable and qualified plumber, heating engineer and gas safe engineer.
  • Affordable and realistic prices.
  • Fixed rates and no surprises at the end of the work.
  • Fast solution for your issues.
  • 24-hour online help & quotation.

For emergency gas leak contact the national gas emergency service.

If you thinking about installing a new boiler call our company today at 020 8355 0840 and book an installer for a survey. Or check out our boiler installation guide.

For next day boiler service contact us today on one of our services! You won’t regret it! Customers satisfaction are guaranteed.

For bigger jobs estimate check out our job quotation page.


Annual boiler service is a visual inspection of your boiler, identifying any damage or fault what need to be fixed before any more boiler problem will arise. Our gas safe engineer making sure the boiler is safe and performing at its highest efficiency.

If you service your gas boiler manually, it will operate safely and efficiently. You’ll also maintain the warranty from the manufacturer! Regular services reduce the chances of a breakdown during wintertime.

The service involves inspecting the boiler parts. Our boiler engineers will check if there is any leak on the pipes or crack on the seals, as well as checking the performance and operation of your system to ensure no problems arise.
Your boiler basic service can cost as little as £89. Depending on where you are located in the UK and what’s going wrong with your boiler it might only take an hour to get the service done.
If you don’t maintain your boiler every year, the manufacturer warranty won’t cover the boiler anymore. Meaning a breakdown could cost more than just money if it’s not resolved quickly and properly.
A few plumbers can do a boiler service until he/she is gas safe registered. Only a gas safe engineer can work on any gas boiler.
Every 12 month. The boiler check needs to done once every year to maintain the safe and proper operation of the boiler.

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