Boiler Installation North London

Boiler Installation North London


At MML Plumbing, we have over 15 years of experience in the gas and heating industry providing a quality services to customers within North London in Barnet and surroundings.


If your old boiler it stopped working and you need a new boiler to be installed, let it be a combination, heat only or a system boiler, our experienced team can help you to book a FREE of charge survey by our gas safe registered engineer.


When the gas safe registered engineer will finish the free survey, he will give you a professional advise about what type of boiler will be the best for your home.


After the survey our team will give you a fixed prices about the boiler installation cost, which will include: the labour, the boiler, system flush, registration to the Gas Safe & other parts.


If you have an emergency situation, we can carry out the boiler installation within 48 hours.


Depends on the boiler brand, we can help you to get up to 10 years manufacturer parts and labour warranty.

Our Gas Safe Registered engineers are highly trained to handle all types of domestic work, including:


  • Gas Boiler Installation
  • Boiler Service
  • Boiler Repair
  • Commissioning
  • Landlord Certificates
  • New Gas Pipe Installation
  • Appliance Installation & Servicing
  • Gas Boiler Problems & Servicing
  • Central Heating Controls & Pumps
  • Central Heating Installation
  • Central Heating Problems & Repairs
  • Boiler and Heating system controls

Not one boiler installation is the same so we are always ready for new challenges!


Below will give you a few information to understand, what type of boilers are in most UK houses, so when you call us you can identify your system and give us as much information as you can.

Combination (combi) boiler installation:

We offer and install combination boiler for smaller properties, where is only one bathroom and no high demand of hot water.


Benefits of the combi boiler: it is ideal for small spaces, and because there is less pipework it is also cheaper for us to install compared to a system boiler.


Combination boiler installation options


  • The combination boiler is one compact unit, which provides hot water and heating for your home. Because of the compact size, it is ideal for small properties.
  • This type of boilers are instantly heating the cold water, which is feed from the mains, and this means you don’t need a hot water cylinder anymore in the airing cupboard and also you can have a free space in the loft saving a lot of spaces.


  • The combination boilers are the most energy-efficient & cost-effective boilers on the market. The boiler is heating the water instantly so you don’t have to store hot water in a separate cylinder and reheat the water when the temperature drops below 60°C even if you not using it.
  • In this case, you will save hundreds of pounds every year. And also you can have powerful shower, without the need of a separate shower pump.


System Boiler Installation:


We supply & install this boilers in properties, where:

  • Is more than one bathroom and need high demand of hot water. The boiler is able to supply hot water to more than one tap in the same time.


system boiler installation


  • For this system you also need a hot water tank/cylinder, but you don’t need a cold water storage tank in the loft.


It is ideal for home with no space in the loft, or the loft was converted to a separate room.


  • The system boiler is heats up your central heating system, but the hot water is produced & stored in a separate storage tank.
  • This types of boilers are similar to a regular (conventional) boiler. The big difference is, that the system boiler takes the water supply direct from the mains.
  • The big advantage for this boiler is, that it is still a compact unit but it will supply high volume of domestic hot water and also more economical. This means, you will have a powerful pressure in your shower.

Heat Only Boiler:

Also called conventional, traditional or regular boiler.

We supply and install these heat only boilers, only in regular heating systems, where the old heat only boiler was broken down and it need a new replacement of the boiler.


This boiler is ideal for more than one bathroom, where the water pressure is low and where is a high demand of hot water.

heat only boiler installation option


Many houses in the UK have this old system. It is still working very good. We normally upgrade this heat only boiler with a system or combi boiler.


  • These heat only boilers have a hot water cylinder, where the water is stored and heated.
  • The heat only boiler also have a cold water tank in the loft, this will feed the hot water tank/ cylinder, and also there is a separate central heating feed tank which will top up the heating system through a feed pipe, when it needed.


  • For these vented systems, where the radiators and heating pipes are old, a heat only boiler is a great choice, because the old system can not resist the high pressure what a system or a combination boiler will deliver.

We are listening your needs, in order to give you the best service!


If you want to hire a professional & experienced company to carry out a boiler installation, don’t hesitate to give us a call or go to QUOTE MY JOB for an online estimate. Our Online estimate are open 24/7.


What can We offer you in a boiler installation:


  • Free Estimate before the installation!
  • Fixed Price – no surprises the end of the work!
  • Boiler installation within 48hrs!
  • Up to 10 Years manufacturer Labour & Parts Warranty!
  • Installations by a Gas Safe Registered, qualified, insured & professional engineer!
  • Full Heating System Chemical Flush!
  • Emergency boiler install without extra charge!

,,What we promise, We keep….’’

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