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Professional Boiler Installation And Replacement In North London

Need a new and high-efficiency gas boiler to install, which will save you a lot of money?

We are here to guide you step by step. Let it be a combination, heat only or system boilers, our experienced team can help you. Read on to learn all about how boilers and your heating works by improve your knowledge. 

Welcome to MML Plumbing, your best boiler installation North London specialists.

Boiler Installation expert and professional gas-heating service provider!

Friendly professionals, qualified gas safe registered and heating engineers.  Excellent service with over 15 years of experience behind in the gas and plumbing industry. We are qualified experts in boiler installations. We help you choose the right boiler for your property and your budget. Providing quality gas and heating services to all our customers across North London.

book an engineer today!Book a free of charge visit by our reliable gas safe registered installers before new boiler installations!

All of our boiler installers are experienced and reliable engineers.

You can relax when our gas safe engineer arrives

  • Our professional and reliable engineers will check all the pipework in your central heating.
  • He will do a couple of very important gas tests to see if you have any leaks.
  • Checking if the gas pipe size is correct and safe to use.
  • Our gas engineer will give you professional advice about your central heating condition.
  • Guide you through, what kind of boiler will be the best for your home, and to find you the best solution.
mml plumbing is a gas safe registered company

boiler-installation-form-£-800. Free estimate before installs

Boiler installation estimate never been easier, what happens next?

Our team will give you an unbeatable fixed price quote, and very important information.

  • Guidance on what boiler type will be best for you, and save on your energy bills.
  • Affordable boiler installation cost, which includes the labour, and a lot of beneficial service for your system, such as radiator’s flush.
  • Helpful details about the boiler, radiator’s performance.
  • If the gas pipe dimension is correct and safe to use.
  • We provide a smart boiler control (if needed).
  • We are reliable and professional, we will inform you about the radiator’s performance, and conditions.
  • Best boiler and labour warranty details.
  • Depending on the top boiler brand, you can have up to 10 years of warranty, we will tell you more about the process.
  • If your boiler stopped working, it is always unexpected and unwanted, but we will fix it for you. If you need any boiler-related help in North London, call us today! We can carry out the boiler installation within 48 hours.

Gas Safe Experts you can rely on!

Choose our fast booking North London boiler installation service.

We’re installing the best brands across North London

best boiler brands we work with

Our day to day domestic boiler works in North London

Carried out by MML Plumbing’s professional gas engineers expert!

  • New boiler installations North London.
  • Boiler replacement.
  • Boiler service.
  • Boiler repairs.
  • Landlord gas safety certificates.
  • New gas pipe installation.
  • Cooker installation.
  • Gas boiler repair.
  • Central heating controls & pumps.
  • Boiler controls.
  • Boiler upgrades from regular to a combination boiler.
  • Not one boiler installation is the same but we are always ready for new challenges!

Quality boilers what we install in North London

We can help you to find the best boiler for your home. Here is some very useful information about the three main types:

  • We help you to understand your heating.
  • We help you to understand, what system you have.
  • Make your decision easier, if your central heating needs upgrading.
  • When calling us, you will already know your boiler type, and provide us with as much information as possible.

Combination (combi) boiler installation in North London

Our engineers recommend and install combination boilers for all smaller properties and flats. The combination boiler is suitable where are only one bathroom and no high demand for hot water.

We will give you an outstanding free online quotation before your new boiler installation. Because each job is very important for us, we like to meet you in person and check the system and the old boiler condition. We take care of your safety, our trusted gas engineer expert will check all your gas appliances. Thus we can give you a more accurate quote and advice on what is the best boiler for your home!

Exceptional FREE boiler installation estimation. Every job will be inspected by a reliable gas safe registered engineers!

Our engineers recommend and install combination boilers for all smaller properties and flats. The combination boiler is suitable where are only one bathroom and no high demand usage.

How a combination boiler installation diagram looks like:


Benefits of the combination boiler:

» It is the best choice for small spaces, which is very frequent in north London.

» Because there are fewer pipes, it is also cheaper for you to install compared to a system boiler.

» The cold water fed from the mains. You can have powerful pressure in the shower.

» The boiler supplies the shower at the main pressure.

» The combination boilers are heating the water immediately.

» The main benefit of the combination boilers is that you don’t have to use a separate storage tank, which saves you a lot of space.

» In this case, you will save hundreds of pounds every year.

» You can have a powerful shower, without the need for a separate shower pump.

The combination boilers are the most energy-efficient & cost-effective boilers on the market.

Few disadvantages of this high-efficiency combination boiler:

  • You need excellent mains pressure for the combination boiler great performance.
  • With the combination boiler, you can use one tap or shower at the same time.

Are you ready to get your brand new and efficient boiler to install? Book your free boiler installation estimation visit today, and learn more about the future boiler, which will save you money.

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System boiler installation in North London

We recommend this type of boiler installation in homes whit multiply bathrooms.

  • This boiler can deal with a high demand for hot water, so if you recognise yourself, this is the best boiler type for you.
  • Supplying water to more shower at the same time with the same efficiency and power, to serve more people comfortably in the house.

It is ideal for homes with no space in the loft.

» For the boiler, we only need to install 1 storage cylinder, which gives more free space in the loft.

» System boiler can replace the regular boiler. And also we can remove the tanks from the loft saving up a lot of space.

» The boiler is heating your radiators. The hot water produced and stored in a separate storage tank.

» This types of boilers are like a regular (conventional) boiler.

» The big difference is that the system boiler takes the water supply direct from the mains.

» This boiler is a compact unit but it will supply a high volume of domestic hot water.

We will help your dreams come true by boosting your system and have a powerful pressure in your shower! You will have it all.

Below you can see a system boiler installation diagram:


The system boiler advantages:

  • We don’t have to install a cold water tank in the loft, saving up a lot of space.
  • Easier to install compared to other types of boilers.
  • This boiler responds quick to your hot water demand, because of a built-in pump.
  • You can use more shower at the same time, without losing any power at the shower.

The great performer system boiler has a few disadvantages:

  •  We only need to install one hot water tank, and this can take up a little more space.
  • You have to use a storage tank in the airing cupboard, your hot water capacity depends on the tank size! If you are used all of your hot water, you just wait a little longer to heat up in the storage tank!
  • You will have some heat loss on the pipes, but you don’t have to worry about this, because we will put isolation on them!

Do you need more information about the system boiler installation? Call us today, book your FREE visit.

Heat only boiler installation in North London

Also called a conventional, traditional or regular boiler. This is the oldest system in the UK, and some places are still working fine.

Regular boilers are ideal for more than one bathroom. Where the water pressure is low and where is a high demand for hot water.

We upgrade this heat only boiler with a system or combination boiler. We supply and install these heat only boilers, where the old heat only boiler has broken down.

You have three installation options which you can choose:

1. We can install the same heat only boiler.

2:  We can install a system boiler:
  • by removing the tank from the loft.
  • we save you space in the loft by removing the feed and expansion tank.
3:  We can convert your conventional heating system to a sealed system. For system conversion, we install a combination boiler.

Below you can see a system boilers installation plan:


The heat only boilers also have one hot water storage tank, where stored and heated at the same time. The heat only boiler also has a water tank in the loft.

This tank will supply the water for the cylinder. The hot water cylinder will heat and producing through immersion.

  • There is a separate central heating feed tank (also known as f&e tank) in the loft. This will top up the system through a feed pipe when it needed. For a conventional system, a heat-only boiler is a perfect choice.
  • It is because there is low pressure, the radiators and heating pipes are old. The weak system can not resist the high pressure what a system or a combination boiler will deliver.

Conventional boiler advantages:

  • You have water backup. In case the boiler breaks down you can use the electric immersion heater.
  • If you don’t have an electric immersion heater, we can install this for you!
  • You can use more shower at the same time without any effect on the pressure or temperature.
  • Any new heat only boiler can work with an old conventional system.
  • The conventional heating system is also compatible with solar thermal panels.

The most reliable conventional boiler has a few disadvantages:

  • This takes up a little more space than other types, but this is not a big issue.
  • We need to install a cold water tank in the loft to feed the storage tank.
  • We will install a feed and expansion tank for the heating system for better performance.
  • If you are used all of your hot water from the storage tank, you will have a new one heated up within a few hours. 
  • To avoid the legionella bacteria to grow inside the tank, make sure you always heat the tank above 60°C.
  • You have to deal with some temperature loss on the pipework, but that is not an issue for us, we will insulate them.

You still can’t decide if a heat-only boiler is the right choice? Give us a call to give you more information!

New boiler installation offers

» Free estimation before the installation!

» Fixed price – no surprises the end of the work!

» Boiler installation service within 48hrs!

» Up to 10 years manufacturer labour & parts guarantee!

» Full heating system chemical flush!

» Urgent boiler install! NO extra charge!

» Installations by a gas safe registered, qualified, insured and professional engineers!

» If our customers wish, we take away your old boiler after the new boiler installation, we saving you money, time, and travel on a dispose of the boiler.

» North London boiler specialist, quality work, friendly service.

» We supply the new boiler to our customers.

» Registered, and fully insured work and service.

MML Plumbing is a certified gas safe registered company in North London.

  • We guarantee quality work to our loyal and new customers, at a friendly and affordable price.
  • We cover North and North West London areas and providing a quick, friendly, and easy service.

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