Everyone knows that the winter season will approach. That means summer is the perfect time for a boiler replacement or boiler installation! MML Plumbing Ltd has been installing boilers in Muswell Hill, with offers you can’t refuse and rates so low they’ll make your spine tingle! Whether new boiler installations are needed or just boiler repairs – we’re here to help. Boilers might be an integral part of any home heating system but there’s no need to find someone qualified when our technicians have all the skills required at affordable prices. With nearly 20 years of experience, don’t think twice about what a company should come out with if you want high-quality boiler products installed perfectly by professionals who know their stuff inside-out! We’re in the business of improving people’s lives. That means providing you with a boiler replacement that will seamlessly integrate into your home, and provide years of comfort during all seasons.

    Book our gas safe engineers and secure your visit to Muswell Hill!


    If so, it might be time for a new boiler installation. A new boiler can save you money on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the value of your Muswell Hill home.

    We offer free quotes and consultations so you know exactly what you are getting before we start work! You won’t find any hidden fees or surprises when it comes to our service. We cover all Muswell Hill and the surroundings and offering great boiler deals when it comes to upgrading.

    When to do the installation?

    When it comes to installation, not all of us are experts. But don’t worry! With this handy guide, you’ll never have any questions about the best time for an installation again.

    When your boiler is no longer worth repairing.

    The process of upgrading your home’s heating system can be expensive and many people are concerned about whether they can afford such an expense. However, replacing just one part could also result in additional expenses down the line if something goes wrong or you may need to replace it with a different component altogether. When considering all these factors, some gas engineers like us prefer offering an upgrade, rather than keep visiting you, charging you and keep you waiting until the parts arrive.

    And not just that, but a good example would be Worcester-Bosch and Vaillant who provide up to 10+ year warranty coverage including complete labour& parts warranties so customers don’t have any worries whatsoever for many years to come.

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    What are my choices, and which one is the best?

    There is 3 main type of boiler we install.

    Combi boiler- Heat only boiler – System boiler

    We will book a visit if you call us from Muswell hill, and we will help you with everything!

    Affordable boiler installation in Muswell Hill, book now!


    A boiler breakdown is really something you want to avoid at all costs. It can lead to costly repairs and disrupt your home for days or weeks on end, which isn’t ideal when it’s cold outside! So here are 2 ways that’ll help reduce the risk of a problem with your heating system:

    1) Replace any damaged parts as soon as possible

    2) Have an annual inspection from one of our licensed professionals

    Avoid costly and inconvenient boiler breakdowns and call us today on 0208 355 0840.


    Here are 5 things to know before purchasing.

    1. Choosing a new boiler is an important decision that will have long-term consequences for your home.
    2. Our expert gas safe registered engineers are here to help you choose the right one!
    3. We’ve got boilers of all different sizes and types, all quality such as Worcester- Bosch, Vaillant, or Baxi.
    4. It is always important to know the length of the Warranty the boiler comes with.
    5. Paperworks after the installation, such as commissioning, registering for warranty, and to the Gas Safe! We will do all of these for you!

    Please get in touch today, with us, your local Muswell Hill installer!


    Quality boilers and high standard workmanship is guaranteed with our boiler installation company based locally, covering all Muswell Hill. We provide the best quality gas, heating and plumbing services for your place or office – all thanks to a reliable team who has been providing fantastic customer service for more than a decade!

    Benefits of our local boiler installation package include :

    -Top-notch workmanship.

    -Efficiency guaranteed.

    -Keeps your place more comfortable during all seasons and saves you money on utility bills.

    -Reliable and qualified boiler specialists

    -Gas safe registered, licensed and insured plumbing company

    – Good reputation from customers who have used our services for installations.

    -Reasonable rates.

    – Highest standard of work – service and installation is guaranteed every time by highly trained professionals.

    – We offer immediate appointments on the day you call us so that your gas boiler can be installed safely as soon as possible.

    -We are online 24/7 to support all our clients.

    -Covering Muswell Hill


    MML Plumbing, your local plumbing business

    MML Plumbing Ltd is your one-stop shop for all of your gas services. Whether you need a new boiler, or just to have the old system checked out – we are here! We offer consultations on which type of boiler best suits our customers’ needs or if it’s worth keeping what they already got running as long as possible. 

    Our boiler engineers have years of experience working in Muswell Hill and covering the surrounding areas. All our work comes backed by full public liability cover as well as up to 10 years of parts and labour guarantee from the boiler manufacturer.

    Support local businesses and contact us today, to secure your appointment!


    Our team of experts has a vast reservoir of knowledge which means that we can solve any problem you may be facing with your heating or plumbing system quickly and efficiently. Whether it is a new installation for either the heating or plumping, our experts will have you feeling great!

    boiler-installation-Muswell Hill, North London

    We can do it quickly, we can do it efficiently- no matter what the job may be!

    Plumbing, boiler and heating installations are what we do best! Give us a call for the fastest, most reliable service in town. We’re always on time with our workmanship to make sure you stay warm all year long.

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    Denise Fallon
    Denise Fallon
    WOW.... what fantastic service... Levy arrived at the time I was given. He was totally professional, in capping my gas pipe. Unfortunately, he had to remove it all, as previous engineer left it short! in order for an Induction hob to be fitted. He went above and beyond what he came to do. He also checked my boiler as he was not happy about the pressure.. would definitely use MML again.. and I can highly recommend them..
    Charlie Charlton
    Charlie Charlton
    Did not have a 'regular' plumber in north London, so took a punt and mailed a few from Google search. MML came back immediately, great communication, good price for the work (which was not a simple job) and the engineer was excellent - friendly, professional and super hard working. Three long days for what was hoped to be a two day job, no moaning when it became more complicated (due to the old system being problematic), definitely reccomend.
    Martin Lawlor
    Martin Lawlor
    This was my second time using MML Plumbing. The plumber arrived on time, assessed the problem and did his best to resolve it. It was all completed within the hour and I am very pleased with the result. A very clean and tidy job done.
    Emily Harper
    Emily Harper
    MML Plumbing were really efficient, turned when he said he would, gave an accurate quote and did the job on time with no mess. I would definitely recommend them!
    Heidi Southall
    Heidi Southall
    I called MML Plumbing to investigate a boiler fault and they were very helpful and quick to respond. The engineer, Mike, arrived earlier than expected and was friendly and professional. He thoroughly explored the problem(s) and fixed what he could. Unfortunately, it is a problem that the manufacturer will have to deal with (due to availability of parts). Mike was very honest about this and, here is the amazing part, he did not charge me today as he couldn’t fully resolve the issue! Am so impressed and would not hesitate to call this family business out again.
    WH Acting
    WH Acting
    MML Plumbing did an excellent job. The engineer was very thorough with the safety checks, boiler service and Gas Safe certification of two properties he worked at for me. Very good value for money, very good service. Admin staff were courteous and friendly over phone and email and we very prompt with sending all paperwork and copies of photographs to me. Highly recommended!
    Ronald Watt
    Ronald Watt
    Katrina Perez
    Katrina Perez
    This is the third time I have used MML plumbing. They are by far the most helpful and efficient plumbers I have used. They have installed a boiler, replaired radiators, replaired and shower and toilet for me - all work is to a high standard and every repair explained in full. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
    Laurent VT
    Laurent VT
    Fantastic service! Our boiler stopped working unexpectedly. MML Plumbing came quickly, diagnosed the problem and resolved it immediately to make sure we weren’t without radiators for too long. Very impressed with the expertise, friendliness and communication. They also gave us tips for maintenance. Highly recommended!
    Jill J
    Jill J
    Replacement of fill valve. Efficient, professional and pleasant plumber.


    Trust the best, and support locals, and receive benefits!

    With our installation services, you can be sure that your home is more comfortable and the bills are lower. We also offer occasionally discount to locals, and we have a never-ending offer to those who need the most. People living with cancer get 20% off from all of our services 365 days a year! We are working hand in hand with Ellies Friend’s to help!

    Our heating engineers are always available, the whole year, with a high demand of interest at the end of the year. For peace of mind, make sure your book your visit on time. 

    boiler installation in Muswell Hill

    Email us at, and we are ready to help.


    We are experts in heating installations, and happy to provide high standard services to our customers. We’ll come right over with the perfect system for your needs!

    It’s time you trust a team of experienced technicians when it comes to installing that perfectly tailored installation for all your home comfort needs. Trust us, we’re confident in both quality workmanship and attention-to-details. When it comes to heating systems, we have everything covered at an unbeatable price!

    Ask for a quote from a local Muswell Hill heating engineer


    We will always be able to provide you with an affordable price for your business in Muswell Hill. The process is quick and easy so that we are always able to keep the cost down for our valued customers!

    All the way from no hidden fees to upfront pricing, we’ve got you covered! We guarantee a hassle-free experience in Muswell Hill with our transparent approach. With one call or email today, it’s easy to find out more about what makes us stand apart and why investing in your property is so important for years down the line!

    A phone call away in Muswell Hill. Get your new boiler installation in Muswell Hill. 020835 0840.


    Do you need new radiators with a new boiler?

    If you’re looking to get a new boiler installation in Muswell Hill, for instance, it’s now increasingly recommended to upgrade the radiators, especially if you experience problems with them. Our gas safe registered engineer will explain it all, and always will offer you the best option, and a great deal. MML Plumbing is an affordable gas safe company.

    Do boilers lose efficiency with age?

    The most important consideration for homeowners is the overall efficiency of their boiler. Especially if the boiler is not serviced every year. An older boiler model will often be less efficient, and so you should think about replacing your old boiler with a newer one that offers better performance over time.

    This combination of age and old technology means that an older boiler is likely to have significantly higher annual running costs, compared with a modern replacement. Call our gas safe team in Muswell Hill, to have your system and boiler to be investigated, and we will tell you the truth.

    Can a boiler last 50 years?

    Boilers haven’t been on the market for a long time and therefore it is hard to predict their longevity. However, some of these boilers can last even up 50 years or longer with decent annual maintenance and care. Boiler problems occur with ageing, but you can reduce them with an annual boiler service.

    How often should I replace my boiler?

    No matter what your boiler’s age, it is always good to keep an eye on the boiler’s performance. A professional assessment can help you know whether or not the time has come for a replacement!

    The average lifespan of boilers can be anywhere from 15 years to 30+!

    Like many other gas appliances, the life expectancy for a boiler is dependent on how it’s maintained. If you’re looking into buying one and want something that will last long-term, ask your heating technician about what they recommend after inspecting yours in person or online. Here at MML Plumbing Ltd, we are available online 24/7 to our Muswell Hill-based clients. Grab a great deal today! We are just a phone call away.

    Which area do you cover in Muswell Hill?

    We do cover all Muswell Hill, so you can get any kind of boiler installed with us, in your Muswell Hill property! Whether it is a combi boiler, heat only boiler or system boiler, we are here to provide you with the greatest deal. Pick up your phone today, and make a phone call to receive an affordable boiler installation in Muswell Hill.

    What service do you do in Muswell hill?

    We provide to homeowners, any gas related installations, such as boiler, hob or cooker all around in Muswell Hill.


    We know you have a lot of work to do. Check out our quote on my job page and fill up the details about your boiler installation needs, so one of our expert gas engineers can provide you with a FREE estimate.

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