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    MML Plumbing Limited is a professional firm, located in Barnet. We’re Gas Safe registered engineers and company. It is really important when it comes to gas-related works, to find an authorized company and tradesman, who is competent to work with gas appliances. Never hire someone else to work on your boiler, gas pipes, or hob.

    We’re based in Barnet, and covering our area for many years, so well known in Barnet, as trustworthy, friendly experts.

    Our company always provides the best quality boilers to our neighbours, at a friendly cost, and regularly advertising discounted limited offers, for boiler installations.

    Call us now to secure your visit on 020 8355 0840!

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    Boiler installation service, only with the best boiler brands in Barnet – EN4

    Gas Boiler installation is something you have to plan carefully. Not only the price matters but the quality. As we always say: Buy cheap, buy twice!

    The boiler is not an appliance, you can save money on it. Once you have your new boiler, it will last for 10-15 years. We are only installing the best boilers, such as VaillantWorcester-boschViessmann, or Baxi so when you request a quote from us, you can count on a reliable new boiler, and up to 10 years of warranty.

    We carry out a detailed inspection carefully, including checking your boiler, heating system, gas pressure, etc., and then advice you what boiler suits you, and which boiler will be the most energy-efficient in your home. This way you will save a lot of money on your future bills.

    As we mentioned already, we serving neighbours across Barnet, whether they need a whole new boiler installation or other gas-related visits. 

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    Friendly And Realistic Quotes

    Getting a new boiler installed on your property can be a daunting prospect. Whether it is a combi boiler, heat only, or system. There are so many companies out there, you don’t know which one to choose and the prices vary massively. 

    Come to MML Plumbing and we’ll take care of everything.

    Telling you the bare facts!

    We are friendly and reasonably priced. Our customer service is second-to-none! With over 15 years of experience in the industry, there’s no problem that we can’t solve.

    We calculate the prices to be realistic. You won’t be disappointed with what we can offer.

    Give us a call today or fill out our online form to get your quote.


    First things first. It is not the subject of a bargain. You must have an issue with your old one, this can be the lack of energy efficiency, the old boiler broke down, or you just simply wish to upgrade your old boiler to a new and better one.

    We created a customer-friendly QUOTE MY JOB button you can contact us on, providing us details, about your heating system, boiler, brand, budget, and your details we can reply to you on.

    Boiler Swap is the easiest installation you can have. Same location, the same type of boiler, mostly the cheapest too. ( depending on the circumstances * ) 



    Step by step

    We will either email or call you, and will ask a couple of questions, with a help of that, we can tell you a 90% accurate price. If you like our price, we will visit you and carry out some tests, in your boiler and heating system, discussing the price and details further, and start the job very soon afterwards. We try to book our customer’s appointments asap, as we do not want them to be without heating or hot water for days. 100 % customer satisfaction guaranteed.


    Receive an honest opinion from a gas expert!

    Boiler installation is a big decision for any homeowner. The boiler, which helps to heat up your house during the colder winter months, can be expensive and difficult to replace if it goes out prematurely. Once you contact us, we will provide you with an honest opinion about whether or not you really need a new boiler installation in order to stay warm this winter!

    We will investigate your whole central heating system, and we are able to tell you if repairing is worth it, or not and better to change it.

    We can solve this all! Book your visit now with MML Plumbing Heating Gas Services.



    1.How much does a plumber charge to install a boiler in  Barnet?

    This is a very common misunderstanding, and we would like to help you out with useful information and make this clear. ONLY a qualified gas engineer is allowed to touch, check, repair, or install a boiler. There is no other qualification making someone eligible to work with gas. Our specialists are registered by the local gas authority called GAS SAFE, which you can easily check up online, by their gas safe number.

    Always make sure, your family and you are safe, always use a professional to work with gas. Contact us today, and stay safe! 

    2.How much should a new boiler and installation cost?

    There is no exact price for this. Everything is depending on the boiler brand you wish to choose, the position you would like to install, (the same place or a different location). Also, an important matter, if you want to keep your existing system type, (combi boiler to combi boiler) or you might want to change it. (heat only system to combination system) for instance.

    And more good news to come. We also have to check the gas pipes, your existing system’s condition to give you an exact price.

    That is why we created a customer-friendly button online, you can contact us 24/7. By answering our questions, we can tell you a 90% accurate installation price. However, to give a 100% accurate price, we have to visit you.

    3.How long does a boiler swap take?

    In most cases, you can expect around 1 day on average. At most, it usually takes 2 days; installation is fast and often within a few hours when like-for-like units are swapped to one another.


    Book your boiler estimation here

    boiler installation in Barnet


    We know you have a lot of work to do. Check out our quote on my job page and fill up the details about your plumbing needs, so we can provide you with a FREE estimate from one of our experts. Request your boiler installation quote online! 

    If you live within the Barnet area, we can visit you for a free site estimation too.




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Avenue, NW11Elmcroft Crescent, NW11Elmer Gardens, HA8Elmfield Road, N2Elmgate Gardens, HA8Elmhurst Avenue, N2Elms Avenue, NW4Elmshurst Crescent, N2Elmstead Close, N20Elsinore Gardens, NW2Elstree Park, Barnet Lane, WD6Elton Avenue, EN5Elvington Lane, NW9Elwood Close, EN5Emmott Close, NW11Endersby Road, EN5Endersleigh Gardens, NW4Engel Park, NW7Erskine Hill, NW11Escot Way, EN5Esmar Crescent, NW9Essex Park, N3Estates Yard, Wellhouse Lane, EN5Etchingham Park Road, N3Ethan Drive, N2Eton Avenue, EN4Eton Avenue, N12European Design Centre, NW9Evelyn Road, EN4Everglade Strand, NW9Eversfield Gardens, NW7Eversleigh Road, EN5Eversleigh Road, N3Eversleigh Road, New Barnet, EN5Exchange Close, N11Exeter Road, N14Faber Gardens, NW4Fairey, Broadhead Strand, NW9Fairfield Avenue, HA8Fairfield Avenue, NW4Fairfield Close, N12Fairfield Crescent, HA8Fairfield Way, EN5Fairholme Close, N3Fairholme Gardens, N3Fairlawn Avenue, N2Fairmead Crescent, HA8Fairmont Mews, NW2Fairview Court, Linksway, NW4Fairview Way, HA8Fairway Close, NW11Fairway CourtThe Fairway, NW7Fakenham Close, NW7Falcon Way, NW9Falkland Avenue, N3Falkland Avenue, N11Falkland Road, EN5Falloden Way, NW11Fallow Court Avenue, N12Fallowfields Drive, N12Fallows Close, N2Farm Avenue, NW2Farm Close, EN5Farm Lane, N14Farm Road, HA8Farm Walk, NW11FarmanLittle Strand, NW9Farnham Close, N20Farnsworth Drive, HA8Featherstone Road, NW7Felar Walk, NW9Fell Walk, HA8Fenstanton Avenue, N12Ferncroft Avenue, N12Ferney Road, EN4Fernhurst Gardens, HA8Fernside Avenue, NW7Fernwood Crescent, N20Ferrie Close, NW9Field End, EN5Field Mead, NW7Field Mead, NW9Filton Close, NW9Finch Close, EN5Finchley Lane, NW4Finchley Park, N12Finchley Road, NW2Finchley Road, NW11Finchley Road, Barnet, NW3Finchley Villas, Finchley Park, N12Finchley Way, N3FireflyLittle Strand, NW9Firethorn Close, HA8Firs Avenue, N11First Avenue, NW4Fitzalan Road, N3Fitzjohn Avenue, EN5Fitzwilliam Close, N20Five Acre, NW9Fleming Walk, Pasteur Close, NW9Flight Approach, Grahame Park Way, NW9Florence Street, NW4Flower Lane, NW7Folkingham Lane, NW9Folkington Corner, N12Font Hills, N2Fordham Close, EN4Fordham Road, EN4Forest Walk, N10Forres Gardens, NW11Fortescue Road, HA8Fortis Green, Barnet, N2Fortune Avenue, HA8Foscote Road, NW4Foster Street, NW4Fourland Walk, HA8Foxley Mews, N20Foxwood Close, NW7Framfield Close, N12Francklyn Gardens, HA8Franco Avenue, NW9Franklin Close, N20Fredericks Place, N12Freeland Park, Holders Hill Road, NW4 Freston Park, N3Friars Avenue, N20Friars Walk, N14Friary Close, N12Friary Road, N20Friary Road, N12Friary Way, N12Friern Barnet Lane, N20Friern Barnet Lane, N11Friern Barnet Road, Barnet, N11Friern Bridge Retail ParkPegasus Way, N11Friern Mount Drive, N20Friern Park, N12Friern Watch Avenue, N12Frith Court, NW7Frith Lane, NW7Fry Lane, HA8Fryent Crescent, NW9Fryent Fields, NW9Fryent Grove, NW9 Fulbeck Drive, NW9Fulbeck Walk, HA8Fuller Street, NW4Fursby Avenue, N3Gabriel Mews, NW2Gadsbury Close, NW9Gainsborough Gardens, NW11Gainsborough Road, N12Galdana Avenue, EN5Gallants Farm Road, EN4Galley Lane, EN5Galsworthy Road, NW2Games Road, EN4Garden City, HA8Garden Close, EN5Gardeners Close, N11Garratt Road, HA8Garrick Avenue, NW11Garrick Drive, NW4Garrick Industrial Centre, Irving Way, NW9Garrick Park, NW4Garrick Road, NW9Garrick Way, NW4Garsdale Close, N11Garth Road, NW2Garthland Drive, EN5Garthway, N12 Gaskarth Road, HA8Gatcombe Way, EN4Gatting Close, Pavilion Way, HA8Gaydon Lane, NW9George Crescent, N10Geron Way, NW2Gervase Road, HA8Gibbs Green, HA8Gideon Close, HA8Gilbert Grove, HA8Gillingham Road, NW2Gillum Close, EN4Gladsmuir Road, EN5Gladstone Place, West End Lane, EN5Glebe Crescent, NW4Glebe Lane, EN5Glebe Road, N3Glebelands Close, N12Glendale Avenue, HA8Glendevon Close, HA8Glendor Gardens, NW7Glengall Road, HA8Glenhill Close, N3Glenhurst Road, N12Glenmere Avenue, NW7Glenthorne Road, N11 Glenwood Road, NW7Gloster, Broadhead Strand, NW9Gloucester Drive, NW11Gloucester Gardens, NW11Gloucester Grove, HA8Gloucester Road, EN5Glyn Avenue, EN4Gold Hill, HA8Gold Lane, HA8Golda Close, EN5Goldbeaters Grove, HA8Golders Close, HA8Golders Gardens, NW11Golders Green Crescent, NW11Golders Green Road, NW11Golders Hill, North End Way, NW3Golders Manor Drive, NW11Golders Park Close, NW11Golders Rise, NW4Golders Way, NW11GoldersleaFinchley Road, NW11Goldrill Drive, N11Goldsmith Avenue, NW9Goldsmith Road, N11Golfside Close, N20Goodwyn Avenue, NW7Goodyers Gardens, NW4Gordon Road, N3Gordon Way, EN5Gould Way, HA8Grace Close, Pavilion Way, HA8Graham Road, NW4Grahame Park Way, NW7Grahame Park Way, NW9 Grampian Gardens, NW2Granard Business Centre, Bunns Lane, NW7Grand Arcade, N12Grange Avenue, N12Grange Avenue, N20Grange Avenue, EN4Grange Close, HA8Grange Hill, HA8Grange Road, HA8 Grange View Road, N20Grangeway, N12Grantham Close, HA8Grants Close, NW7Granville Place, High Road, N12Granville Road, EN5 Granville Road, NW2Granville Road, N12Grass Park, N3Grassington Close, N11Grasvenor Avenue, EN5 Gratton Terrace, NW2 Gravel Hill, N3Graywood Court, N12Great Bushey Drive, N20Great Field, NW9Great North Leisure Park, Chaplin Square, N12Great North Road, EN5Great North Road, Barnet, N2Great North Road, New Barnet, EN5Great North Way, NW4Great Strand, NW9Grebe, Broadhead Strand, NW9Green Avenue, NW7Green Bank, N12Green Close, NW11Green Croft, HA8Green Lane, HA8Green Lane, NW4Green Lawns, Moss Hall Grove, N12Green Road, N20Green Walk, NW4Greenacre Close, EN5Greenbank Crescent, NW4Greenfield Gardens, NW2Greenhalgh Walk, N2Greenhill Court, Great North Road, EN5Greenhill Parade, Great North Road, EN5Greenhill Park, EN5Greenland Road, EN5Greenlands Lane, NW4Greenoak Close, N20Greenside Close, N20Greenway, N20Greenway Close, N11Greenway Close, NW9Greenway Close, N20 Greenway Gardens, NW9Greenways, Christchurch Avenue, N12Grenfell Court, Wise Lane, NW7Grenville Close, N3Grenville Place, NW7Gresham Avenue, N20Gresham Gardens, NW11Grey Close, NW11Greyhound Hill, NW4Grimsdyke Crescent, EN5Grindleford Avenue, N11Grosvenor Gardens, NW11Grosvenor Road, N3Grove Avenue, N3Grove Gardens, NW4Grove Road, HA8Grove Road, N12Grove Road, EN4Gruneisen Road, N3Guardhouse Way, NW7Guardian Avenue, NW9Guildown Avenue, N12Gunter Grove, HA8Gurney Drive, N2Hackforth Close, EN5Hadar Close, N20Hadley Common, EN5Hadley Green, EN5Hadley Green Road, EN5Hadley Green West, EN5Hadley Grove, EN5Hadley Highstone, EN5Hadley Parade, High Street, EN5Hadley Ridge, EN5Hadley Road, EN5Haider Close, NW2Haldane Close, N10Hale Close, HA8Hale Drive, NW7Hale Grove Gardens, NW7Hale Lane, HA8Hale Lane, NW7Hall Lane, NW4Hall Street, N12Halliwick Court ParadeWoodhouse Road, N12Halliwick Road, N10Hallswelle Parade, Finchley Road, NW11Hallswelle Road, NW11Halt Parade, The Hyde, NW9Halton Close, N11Hamilton Close, EN4Hamilton Road, N2Hamilton Road, NW11Hamilton Road, EN4Hamilton Square, Sandringham Gardens, N12Hamilton Way, N3Hamlet Square, NW2 Hamlyn Close, HA8 Hammers Lane, NW7Hammond Close, EN5Hamonde Close, HA8 Hampden Road, N10 Hampden Square, N14Hampden Way, N14 Hampstead Gardens, NW11Hampstead Heights, N2 Hampstead Lane, Barnet, NW3Hampstead Way, NW11 Hampton Close, N11 Hanbury Close, NW4 Handley Grove, NW2 Hankins Lane, NW7 Hanshaw Drive, HA8Harcourt Avenue, HA8 Hardy Close, EN5 Harewood Avenue, NW7 Harford Walk, N2 Harglaze Terrace, Ajax Avenue, NW9 Harman Close, NW2 Harman Drive, NW2 – Harmony Close, NW11Harmony Way, NW4 Harmsworth Way, N20 Harrier Road, NW9Harris Close, N11 Harrison Close, N20 Harrods Green, Edgwarebury Lane, HA8 Harrowes Meade, HA8Hartland Close, HA8 Hartland Drive, HA8 Hartland Road, N11Hartley Avenue, NW7Hartley Close, NW7 Harvey Close, NW9Harwood Close, N12 Haslemere Avenue, EN4 Haslemere Avenue, NW4 Haslemere Gardens, N3 Hasluck Gardens, EN5 Hastings Close, EN5 Hatchcroft, NW4 Hatherleigh Close, NW7Hatley Close, N11 Havanna Drive, NW11 Hawkins Close, NW7Hawthorn Grove, EN5 Hawthorn Mews, NW7 Hawthornden Close, N12 Hayden Close, EN5 Hayes Crescent, NW11Hayling Way, HA8 Haynes Close, N11Hayward Road, N20 Hazel Close, NW9Hazel Gardens, HA8 – Hazel Mead, EN5Heath Close, NW11 Heath View, N2Heath View Close, N2 Heather Gardens, NW11Heather Walk, HA8 Heatherdene Close, N12Heathfield Gardens, NW11Heathgate, NW11 Heddon Court Avenue, EN4Heddon Road, EN4Hedgerow Lane, EN5Helen Close, N2Helenslea Avenue, NW11Helios Way, EN5Heming Road, HA8Hemingford Close, N12Hemington Avenue, N11Hemswell Drive, NW9Hendale Avenue, NW4Hendon Avenue, N3Hendon Hall Court, Parson Street, NW4Hendon Lane, N3Hendon Park Row, NW11Hendon Way, NW2Hendon Way, NW4Hendon Wood Lane, NW7Henry Darlot Drive, NW7Henry Road, EN4Hera Avenue, EN5Herbert Road, NW9Hereford Avenue, EN4Heriot Road, NW4Heritage Avenue, NW9Hermes Close, EN5Hermitage Gardens, NW2Hermitage Lane, NW2 Herons Rise, EN4Heronsgate, HA8Hertford Close, EN4Hertford Road, EN4Hertford Road, N2Hertswood Court, Hillside Gardens, EN5Hervey Close, N3Heton Gardens, NW4Hexham Road, EN5Heybourne Crescent, NW9Heywood Avenue, NW9Hibiscus Close, HA8High Mount, Station Road, NW4High Ridge, Sydney Road, N10 High Road, N2 High Road, N12High Road, N20High Street, EN5 High Street, HA8 – High Street, NW7High Trees, EN4 Highbury Square, N14 – Highcroft Gardens, NW11Highfield Avenue, NW11 Highfield Gardens, NW11 Highfield Road, NW11 Highgrove Close, N11Highlands Road, EN5Highlea Close, NW9 Highview Avenue, HA8 Highview Gardens, HA8 Highview Gardens, N3Highwood Avenue, N12 Highwood Grove, NW7Highwood Hill, NW7Hill Close, EN5 Hill Close, NW11 Hill Crescent, N20 Hill Rise, NW11 Hill Top, NW11 Hillary Rise, EN5 Hillcourt Avenue, N12Hillcrest Avenue, HA8 Hillcrest Avenue, NW11Hillcrest Gardens, N3Hillend Green, NW7 Hillersdon Avenue, HA8 Hillfield Avenue, NW9 Hillier Close, EN5Hillside, EN5 Hillside Avenue, N11 Hillside Drive, HA8 Hillside Gardens, EN5Hillside Gardens, HA8 – Hillside Grove, NW7 Hilltop Gardens, NW4Hillview Gardens, NW4 Hillview Road, NW 7 Hilton Avenue, N12 Hobart Close, N20Hobbs Green, N2 Hocroft Avenue, NW2 Hocroft Road, NW2 – Hocroft Walk, Hendon Way, NW2 Hodford Road, NW11 Hogarth Hill, NW11Holbeach Close, NW9 Holborn Close, NW7Holcombe Hill, NW7 Holden Avenue, N12 Holden Road, N12Holdenhurst Avenue, N12 – Holder Close, N3Holders Hill Avenue, NW4 Holders Hill Crescent, NW4Holders Hill Drive, NW4 Holders Hill Gardens, NW4Holders Hill Parade, HolderHill Road, NW7Holders Hill Road, NW7Holders Hill Road, NW4 Holland Close, EN5 Hollickwood Avenue, N12Hollies End, NW7 Holly Park, N3Holly Park Gardens, N3

    Holly Park Road, N11Hollyfield Avenue, N11Hollyview Close, NW4Holmbrook Drive, NW4Holmdale Gardens, NW4Holmdene Avenue, NW7Holmfield Avenue, NW4 Holmwood Gardens, N3Holmwood Grove, NW7Holne Chase, N2 Holyoake Walk, N2 Holyrood Road, EN5Homefield Gardens, N2Homefield Road, HA8 Homesfield, NW11 Honiton Gardens, NW7 Hook Walk, HA8 Hoop Lane, NW11Hope Close, NW4 Hopkins Close, N10 Hoptree Close, N12 Hornbeam Close, NW7 Hornbeams Rise, N11 Horsecroft Road, HA8 Horseshoe Lane, N20Horsham Avenue, N12 Horton Avenue, NW2Howard Close, NW2Howard Close, N11 Howard Walk, N2 Howard Way, EN5Howcroft Crescent, N3 Howes Close, N3Hoy Close, NW9Hughes Close, N12 – Hundred Acre, NW9Huntingdon Road, N2 – Huntly Drive, N3 Hurst Close, NW11 – Hurstmead Court, HA8Hurstwood Road, NW11Hutchings Walk, NW11Hutton Grove, N12 Hutton Row, Pavilion Way, HA8 Hyde Close, EN5 Hyde Crescent, NW9Hyde Estate Road, NW9Hyver Hill, NW7 Ibsley Way, EN4Indigo Walk, N6 Ingledene Close, NW4Ingleway, N12 Inglis Way, NW7Ingram Avenue, NW11 – Ingram Road, N2 Inkwell Close, N12 Ireton Close, N10 Iris Walk, HA8 Irvine Close, N20 Irwin Close, NW7 Islip Gardens, HA8 Ivere Drive, EN5Jackson Road, EN4Jade Close, NW2James Close, Woodlands, NW11Jarvis Close, EN5Jennings Way, EN5Johns Avenue, NW4Johnston Terrace, NW2Joshua Close, N10Joslin Avenue, NW9Julian Close, EN5Juliana Close, N2 Juniper Close, EN5 Jura Close, NW9Kara Way, NW2Kates Close, EN5Katherine Close, NW7Keely Close, EN4Kendal Close, N20Kenerne Drive, EN5Kenilworth Road, HA8Kenley Avenue, NW9Kenley Close, EN4 Kennard Road, N11Kensington Close, N11Kent Court, North Acre, NW9Kenver Avenue, N12Kenwood Close, NW3Kerri Close, EN5Kestrel Close, NW9Kettlewell Close, N11 Kinderton Close, N14King Edward Road, EN5King Street, N2King Street Mews, N2Kingfisher Walk, NW9 Kings Close, NW4 Kings Drive, HA8Kings Road, EN5Kingsbridge Drive, NW7Kingsbury Road, Barnet, NW9Kingsgate Avenue, N3Kingshill Court, Manor Road, EN5Kingsley Close, N2Kingsley Court, Tayside Drive, HA8Kingsley Way, N2 Kingsmead, EN5Kingston Road, EN4Kingsway, N12Kingswood Close, N20Kingswood Park, N3Kingweston Close, NW2Kinloss Gardens, N3 Kinross Close, HA8Kinsale Close, NW7Kirkby Close, N11 Kirton Walk, HA8Kitchener Road, N2 Kitts End Road, EN5Knebworth Close, EN5Knightswood Close, HA8Knoll Drive, N14 Laburnham Close, EN5Laburnham Close, High Barnet, EN5Laburnum Close, N11Lacey Drive, HA8Ladysmith Close, NW7Lakeside Crescent, EN4 Laleham Avenue, NW7Lambert Mews, N12Lambert Road, N12Lambert Way, N12Lampeter Close, NW9Lanacre Avenue, NW9 Lancaster Close, NW9

    Lancaster Road, EN4 Lancelot Gardens, EN4Landsdown Close, EN5Laneside, HA8 Langford Crescent, EN4Langford Road, EN4Langford Road, Cockfosters, EN4Langham Gardens, HA8Langham Road, HA8 Langley Crescent, HA8Langley Park, NW7 Langley Row, Hadley Highstone, EN5Langstone Way, NW7Langton Avenue, N20Lankaster Gardens, N2Lansdowne Road, N3 Larch Close, N11Larch Green, NW9Larkspur Grove, HA8 Latimer Road, EN5Latymer Gardens, Wickliffe Avenue, N3 Laurel Bank, Finchley Park, N12Laurel Gardens, NW7 Laurel View, N12 Laurel Way, N20 Lawnswood, Manor Road, EN5Lawrence Avenue, NW7Lawrence Campe Close, N20Lawrence Court, NW7Lawrence Gardens, NW7 Lawrence Street, NW7 Lawton Road, EN4Layfield Close, NW4Layfield Crescent, NW4Layfield Road, NW4 Leadbeaters Close, N11Leathersellers Close, Union Street, EN5Lee Close, EN5 Lee Road, NW7 Leecroft Road, EN5Leeside, EN5Leeside Crescent, NW11Legion Way, N12Leicester Mews, N2 Leicester Road, EN5Leicester Road, N2Leicester Road, New Barnet, EN5Leinster Mews, EN5Leisure Way, N12Leopold Road, N2Leslie Road, N2Lewes Road, N12Lewis Gardens, N2 Lexington Way, EN5Lichfield Close, EN4Lichfield Grove, N3Lichfield Road, NW2 Lidbury Grove, NW7Lilley Lane, Hale Lane, NW7Lime Grove, N20 Limerick Mews, N2Limes Avenue, NW7Limes Avenue, NW11Limes Avenue, N12Lincoln Avenue, N14Lincoln Road, N2 Linden Lea, N2Linden Road, N11Linfield Close, NW4 Lingard Avenue, NW9Lingholm Way, EN5Link Road, N11 Linklea Close, NW9Links Drive, N20Links View, N3Linkside, N12 Linksway, NW4Linnell Close, NW11Linnell Drive, NW11Linthorpe Road, EN4Lipton Close, N14Lismore Boulevard, NW9Litchfield Way, NW11Little Cedars, N12 Little Grove, EN4Little Strand, NW9Littlefield Road, HA8Llanvanor Road, NW2Loch Crescent, HA8Lockswood Close, EN4Lodge Lane, N12Lodge Road, NW4London Gateway Service Area, M 1 Motorway, NW7 – Long Field, NW9Long Lane, N3Long Lane, N2 Longfield Avenue, NW7Longland Drive, N20Longmore Avenue, EN5 Longmore Avenue, EN4 – Longmore Avenue, East Barnet, EN4Lonsdale Close, HA8 Lorian Close, N12 Loring Road, N20Lorne Terrace, Bibsworth Road, N3Louis Mews, N10Lovatt Close, HA8 Lovegrove Way, N20Lovelace Road, EN4Lovers Walk, N3Lower Strand, NW9Lucan Road, EN5 Lucas Gardens, N2Ludlow Way, N2 Lullington Garth, N12Lundy Close, NW9 Luther Close, HA8 Lyndale, NW2 Lyndale Avenue, NW2Lyndhurst Avenue, NW7Lyndhurst Avenue, N12 Lyndhurst Gardens, N3 Lynford Close, EN5 Lynford Close, HA8Lynford Gardens, HA8 Lynton Avenue, NW9 Lynton Avenue, N12 Lynton Mead, N20 Lyonsdown Avenue, EN5 Lyonsdown Road, EN5Lyonsdown Road, New Barnet, EN5 Lysander, South Mead, NW9Lyttelton Road, N2Lytton Close, N2 Lytton Road, EN5Lytton Road, New Barnet, EN5Macaret Close, N20 Macdonald Road, N11Maddison Close, N2Maddison Terrace, Font Hills, N2Madoc Close, NW2 Magdalene Gardens, N20Magnolia Gardens, HA8 Magpie Close, NW9 Malcolm Crescent, NW4Malham Close, N11 Malins Close, EN5 Mallard Close, EN5Mallory Gardens, EN4Mallow Mead, Abercorn Road, NW7 Malvern Gardens, NW2 – Mandeville Road, N14 Mannock Close, NW9Manns Road, HA8 – Manor Close, EN5 – Manor Close, NW7 – Manor Cottages Approach, N2 Manor Croft, Green Lane, HA8 Manor Drive, N20 Manor Drive, N14 Manor Drive, NW7Manor Hall Avenue, NW4Manor Hall Drive, NW4 Manor Park Crescent, HA8Manor Park Gardens, HA8 Manor Park Road, N2 Manor Road, EN5 Manor View, N3 Manor Way, NW9Manorside, EN5 Mansfield Avenue, EN4 Manus Way, N20Mapesbury Mews, NW4Maple Close, N3Maple Gardens, HA8Marble Drive, NW2 Marchant Close, NW7Margaret Road, EN4Mariner Close, EN4 Marion Road, NW7 Market Lane, HA8Market Place, N2 Marlborough Avenue, HA8

    Marlborough Avenue, N14Marlborough Close, N20 Marlborough Gardens, N20Marne Avenue, N11Marnham Avenue, NW2Marriott Close, NW9Marriott Road, EN5 Marriotts Yard, Wentworth Road, EN5 – Marsh Close, NW7Marsh Drive, NW9 Marsh Lane, NW7Marshall Estate, Hammers Lane, NW7Marshalls Close, N11Martins Mount, EN5 Martins Walk, N10Martlesham Walk, NW9Martock Gardens, N11 Marwood Drive, NW7Maryrose Way, N20 – Matlock Close, EN5 Maurice Browne Avenue, NW7 Maurice Walk, NW11 Maxfield Close, N20Maxwelton Avenue, NW7 Maxwelton Close, NW7Maya Road, N2 Mayfield Avenue, N12 Mayfield Gardens, NW4Mayhill Road, EN5 Mays Lane, EN5 Maytree Close, HA8McReady Road, N20 Meadfield, HA8 Meadfield Green, HA8Meadow Close, EN5Meadow Drive, NW4 – Meadow Gardens, HA8Meadowbanks, EN5 Meadowgate Close, NW7 Meadway, EN5Meadway, NW11 – Meadway, New Barnet, EN5Meadway Close, EN5Meadway Close, NW11 – Meadway Gate, NW11 Medawar Drive, NW7Meldex Close, NW7 Mellish Close, N20 Meridian Close, NW7 – Mero Way, NW7Merrivale Mews, HA8 &