RADIATOR LEAK A GUIDE TO FIX A LEAKING RADIATOR Has your radiator water suddenly started leaking? MML Plumbing will give you advice on what can go wrong and what can you do to prevent any future issues. You might be surprised to learn that cold radiators are a common symptom of just air in the …


Water Hammering

Water Hammering What is a water hammer? Did you know that a water hammer in the plumbing system can cause banging noises even after the tap being turned off? It is time to investigate before any serious plumbing issues arise. The banging noise is the pipeline is moving between the joints, touching each other or …

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Legionella disease: hot & cold water tanks

Legionella Disease: Hot & Cold Water Tanks Frequently Asked Questions About Legionella bacteria Q: Can Legionella grow in pipes? Yes especially in dead legs where the water not moving. Minimise the unused pipework, keep your plumbing water system clean, and descale the showerheads. Q: Where is Legionnaires infection most common? The bacterium can be found …

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My toilet won’t flush

My toilet won’t flush Frequently asked questions about non-flushing toilet Q: How do you fix a toilet that won’t flush? Do the basic check what we advised above. Check if it’s blocked. Check the water levels in the cistern. Check the flapper in the flushing mechanism. Check the inlet valve. Q: Why does my toilet …

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